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July 12, 2017
Edward Smith


Wildfire in Santa Barbara Causes Concern for Homeowners

I’m Ed Smith, a Santa Barbara car accident lawyer.  A wildfire in Santa Barbara County, called the Alamo fire, has been burning since July 6 and has grown to over 19,000 acres. Now, a new fire has been reported around the area of Cachuma Lake. Crews from Cal Fire, the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties are there battling the blaze, and more help is expected. The fire spread to both sides of Highway 154, which is expected to be closed for a few days in the area of what has been named the Whittier Fire.

Number of Fires Higher Than 2016

By June 25 this year, Cal Fire had reported over 2,135 fires in the state of California. This is higher than the 1,750 fires that had occurred by this same date last year. As of July 9, there were 14 fires burning across the state and around 5,000 firemen battling them. Fires and the resulting smoke present a real hazard to motorists by obscuring vision and creating a real sense of urgency to get out of the area which naturally increases a risk of being involved in a Santa Barbara car accident.

Danger to Motorists

The intensity of the fires makes it mandatory for some residents to leave their homes. Traffic is often stalled, and drivers may be frantic to escape the danger and face low visibility due to smoky conditions. All these elements can combine to increase a risk of car accidents. Some of these collisions can result in serious burn injuries.

Burns Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

Readers may recall an accident in Mira Mesa in May when a driver struck a tree and his vehicle burst into flames. Another accident in Los Angeles in January was caused when a stalled SUV was struck by another vehicle on I-110, which caused the vehicle to catch fire. Unfortunately, the occupant involved in the first accident died. The second man lived after a passerby pulled him from his burning vehicle.

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Types of Burn Injuries

  • First-degree burns: These affect the outer skin layer and can cause painful redness and dryness but do not result in blisters forming.
  • Second-degree burns: These types of burns involve both the outer layer of skin (epidermis) and the underlying layer (dermis). Pain, blistering, redness and swelling usually occur.
  • Third-degree burns: These life-threatening burns destroy both layers of skins. The skin does not regrow, and the victim may require extensive hospitalization at a burn center and treatment for the patient to recover. Even after recovery, the patient may exhibit extensive scarring that requires repeated plastic surgeries to improve.
  • Fourth-degree burns: In this severe burn injury, the damage extends into the fat and muscle and can extend into the bone itself. Excision or amputation is required, pain is absent because nerve endings are destroyed and death may occur.

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