Why You Need Lawyer After Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury

Why You Need a Lawyer if You Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury

Why You Need Lawyer After Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury

I’m Ed Smith. I am a Davis Brain Injury Lawyer. In the aftermath of a serious or catastrophic injury accident caused by another person, it is common to feel as if your case is obvious and easy to win. After all, you or your loved ones may clearly recall the precise sequence of events that resulted in the blow to your head or the “whiplash”-type injuries. If you are able to clearly recall what happened, why would you need an attorney’s help? After all, wouldn’t an attorney just cost you more money and take away from the compensation you need for your medical bills?

Choosing not to retain the services of an experienced and knowledgeable traumatic brain injury (TBI) attorney can be detrimental to your chances of recovering compensation. In the case of TBI injuries, what you do not know and what you do not understand can mean the difference between recovering much-needed compensation and walking away from your lawsuit in a worse financial position than you were when you first filed your case.

What Can a TBI Attorney Do For Me?

Your TBI lawyer should have a singular focus: to present the facts, testimony, and evidence in your case to a judge or jury in a powerful and persuasive way. In accomplishing this task, your TBI attorney will also help you:

  • Document your damages and losses: You only get one opportunity to request the damages you will need to cover your past and future expenses. Your attorney can help you figure out the proper amount of compensation to seek and can help you gather important evidence that will serve to support your requested amount.
  • Locate important witnesses and evidence: Doctors and nurses who treated you can transfer to other hospitals and important medical records and notes can be lost over time. The sooner your Davis TBI lawyer becomes involved in your case, the sooner he or she can take action to preserve evidence from destruction and locate and interview witnesses who will be crucial to your case.
  • Comply with procedural rules and statutes: Many non-lawyers neglect to follow the proper procedures and protocols when bringing their TBI lawsuit before a court. They become upset or confused when they find that a court is dismissing their lawsuit as violating the statute of limitations or when a motion or petition is returned because it is not in the proper format. An attorney can guide your case through the legal system and help you remain in compliance with these rules and regulations.
  • Get the medical treatment you need to give your case the best chance of success: Your TBI attorney is not a doctor. Nevertheless, an experienced and knowledgeable TBI attorney will know what standard diagnostic tests and courses of treatment for a TBI look like and will be able help ensure you and your medical recovery team are taking the appropriate actions given your condition. Making sure you get competent and comprehensive medical care is not just important for your health and recovery: it also helps ensure that any compensation award you might receive is not reduced due to you being found to have contributed to your own injuries.

Seek Assistance from a TBI Lawyer Today

The benefits of retaining an experienced California TBI lawyer to help you with your case cannot be overstated. Not only can you avoid procedural errors that can result in the dismissal of your lawsuit but a TBI attorney is best equipped to prepare and present your case so as to give your case the greatest opportunity for success.

I’m Ed Smith, a Davis Brain Injury Lawyer, and if your child has suffered a TBI as a result of another person’s careless or negligent actions, I want to fight for you to recover compensation to help you pay for your child’s medical needs.  I’ve been helping California parents whose children suffer TBIs through the negligence of others recover financial compensation for years. Call me at (916) 694-0002 for free, friendly advice. Read more about us on our website, http://www.AutoAccident.com.

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