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June 05, 2019
Edward Smith

What is a Comminuted Skull Fracture?

There are multiple types of skull fractures and all of them have their dangers and complications. Some of the most common skull fractures include:

  • Linear Skull Fracture: In this injury, a direct blow to the head leads to a single fracture line across the skull. Often, this skull fracture will heal without any casting; however, people do need to protect their head during this time.
  • Basilar Skull Fracture: A basilar skull fracture takes place when someone fractures the floor of the skull underneath the brain. This is often seen in a traumatic accident. There are major complications that could occur with this injury, some of which are life-threatening.
  • Comminuted Skull Fracture: If someone has suffered a skull fracture in more than one location, it is often called comminuted. Often, this skull fracture is also depressed, meaning that the bone fragments have been pressed into the skull and the tissue underneath.

How Does a Comminuted Skull Fracture Occur?

A comminuted skull fracture could occur in a traumatic accident. Because of the important role that the skull has protecting the brain, all head injuries need to be taken seriously. Some of the ways that people might sustain a skull fracture include:

  • A direct blow to the head that is sustained while playing contact sports or while being involved in a physical assault.
  • An impact to the skull that might have been suffered in an auto accident.
  • Striking the head on the pavement following a motorcycle or a bicycle accident.

Regardless of how someone suffers a skull fracture, this requires the attention of a trained medical professional immediately.

The Dangers of a Comminuted Skull Fracture

A comminuted skull fracture could lead to a host of serious complications and dangers. Some of these include:

  • Intracranial Hemorrhage: One of the biggest dangers of a comminuted skull fracture is the potential to develop an intracranial hemorrhage. If one of the bone fragments cuts a blood vessel within the brain, this could lead to a brain bleed.
  • Seizures: Damage to the brain tissue could cause someone to develop seizures. Seizures result from the uncontrolled firing of multiple neurons within the brain. If seizures are not stopped quickly, the could lead to further brain damage.
  • Infections of the Brain: Often called meningitis or encephalitis, brain infections can develop following a comminuted skull fracture. These infections are serious and could place someone in the hospital.

Watch YouTube Video: What is a Skull Fracture? This video provides an overview of a skull fracture, including the signs and symptoms and the healing process of the injury.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer

A comminuted skull fracture is a serious injury that could lead to life-threatening complications. When a loved one is in the hospital with this injury, families need to make certain that they enlist the help of an experienced injury lawyer. Some of the benefits of working with a Roseville Personal Injury Lawyer include:

  • Having the experience of an objective professional who can guide families through this situation, helping them make difficult decisions.
  • Guiding families through the process of seeking damages related to the accident, the injury, and even their pain and suffering.
  • Shifting a case to trial when needed.

Families need to remember that they do not need to face this situation by themselves. A personal injury lawyer in Roseville can help families with the recovery process. You and your family may be entitled to significant financial compensation.

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