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December 11, 2016
Edward Smith


Speeding Accidents in West Sacramento

Did you know that speeding is a top contender for #1 causes of motor vehicle crashes in the United States? More than 10,000 fatalities each year are attributable to crashes in which one or more of the motorists was speeding. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicated in terms of economic impact, the cost of crashes caused by speeding is estimated to be more than $40 billion annually.

Maximum Speed Limits

Currently 34 states have maximum speed limits of 70 miles per hour or greater for motor vehicles. Although the highest posted rate of speed in California is 70 miles per hour, that limit is restricted to rural and interstate highways and some access roads. A new report links speeding and motor vehicle traffic fatalities now taking place in more populated urban areas, like Oakland and San Jose. We think it is because drivers are ignoring the posted speed limit.

California Leads Nation in Speeding fatalities

Eleven out of 20 cities in the US surveyed by the Auto Insurance Center as holding the highest average vehicle speed crashes that were fatal accidents are located right here in California. Those cities and their average reported fatal crash speeds include:

  • Corona, CA 65.07 miles per hour
  • Oakland, CA  64.04 miles per hour
  • San Jose, CA 61.49 miles per hour
  • Hesperia, CA 59 miles per hour
  • San Bernadino, CA 58.82 miles per hour
  • Fresno, CA 57.39 miles per hour

California had three highways listed with 20 fastest thoroughfares in the US based on the average speed of motor vehicles involved in fatal accidents occurring along them. Included in the highway hall of shame was Interstate 580 located in the East Bay area, Interstate 10 that runs through Los Angeles and the San Bernadino areas, and Interstate 5 that passes through San Jose.

West Sacramento Speeding Accidents

West Sacramento did not make the list compiled by the Auto Insurance Center. This is good news for those of us that love our community. We do exprience a lot of trucking accidents in West Sac. The report also indicated 10 states as having the highest median speed in the nation. Suprisingly, California was not listed on the list. This is also great news. However, it may also indicate that our traffic congestion, roadway architecture, and other situations may be factors for this when combined with excessive speed that contributes to the number of fatal accidents seen elsewhere.

Exceeding the Posted Speed Limit in West Sacramento

Many of us remember the tragic West Sacramento crash that occurred along Southport Parkway at Lake Washington Boulevard. The roadway has a posted speed limit of 45 miles per hour. Residents in the area indicate it is a long stretch of open highway where they frequently observe motorists exceeding the speed limit. For more information view the Youtube video below:

Is Age a Factor in Speeding Collisions?

Yes. That was another topic of interest in the report. It indicated that the average speed of motor vehicles involved in fatal collisions appeared to be related to the driver’s age. Motorists in their early 20s were the worst. They drove at the highest rate of speeds in crashes in which someone lost their life. Drivers in their mid-80s had the lowest rate of speed.

How Does Speeding Contribute to a Car Crash?

Stopping a fast moving car or speeding commercial truck takes more time than most of us realize. Studies indicate that it can take up to 1.75 seconds for our brain to process information relayed to us by the human eye. If a motorist sees something in the roadway, whether it be another vehicle or a pedestrian, there is a marked delay from the moment it is observed until the driver’s brain can identify and decides what corrective action must be made in order to avoid it.

A vehicle moving at 55 mph will pass a distance of 141 feet while the brain processes the information received from the eyes. Once the motorist realizes the brakes need to be applied, the car will travel another 62 feet before the act of braking. At 55 mph, the truck or car could travel about 215 more feet before it is able to come to a complete stop. The increased rate of speed will impact the stopping distances required. This makes it tougher for the driver to take action in order to avoid an auto accident.

Force Involved in Crash With an Object

Another contributing factor speed adds to a crash has to do with the level of force at the time the speeding car or truck makes contact with a stationary object, another vehicle, or in one of the worst case scenarios a bicyclistpedestrian, or motorcyclist. The level of force at impact is 9 times greater at 55 to 60 miles per hour than it is at 20 miles per hour.

Maintaining Control of Vehicle at Higher Speeds

Speeding makes it more difficult for a motorist to maintain control of the vehicle. This is especially true on curves where increased speed can cause a truck or car to skid. Even on straight highways, speeding increases the occurence of hydroplaning on wet and slippery roads. Hydroplaning happens when tires lose contact with the road surface causing the driver to lose control of his or her vehicle.

How do we Prevent Speed-Related Crashes in West Sacramento?

We can all start by securing our seat belts and obeying the posted speed limit. We do this to reduce the number of fatalities on our highways in California. We can do more than this. We can remain alert and avoid distractions, which means we need to put our phones down. Resisting the urge to text while driving can play a huge role in the prevention of car accidents.

Watch this Youtube Video – Texting is Like Driving Blind by Ed Smith:

Motorists who Speed or Text While Driving are Negligent

Drivers whose excessive speed or texting cause crashes are engaging in negligent conduct. A person who is seriously injured or loses their life may be entitled to sue the negligent motorist for damages. Certain family members may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. A West Sacramento accident attorney can assist a victim or the victim’s family with the process of obtaining financial compensation.

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