West Sacramento Parking Tickets

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West Sacramento Parking Tickets

I’m Ed Smith, a West Sacramento Auto Accident Lawyer.  Residents of West Sacramento may be quite surprised to learn that the parking ticket they received in WEST SACRAMENTO may be written by a Sacramento Parking Enforcement Officer.

Sacramento City Council Proposal

The Sacramento City Council will be voting on a new proposal to provide enforcement services to West Sacramento. This proposal will be heard on Tuesday, November 17, 2015. If it passes, Sacramento Parking Services officers would patrol newly-developed areas in the city of West Sacramento and write tickets there.

Who will Process the Payments?

The processing of payments would be the responsibility of the City of West Sacramento.  They would also provide customer service regarding these parking tickets and hear ticket (court) appeals.

What Government Coffer would get the Cash?

The two cities would split ticket revenues.

Who Dreamed Up This New Way of Fleecing the People?

Politicians.  However, the City of West Sacramento indicates they only have a skeleton crew of three part-time parking enforcement officers.  West Sacramento felt it was ill-equipped to adequately provide parking enforcement services to the recently developed riverfront area.  They need the help of Sacramento Parking Enforcement?

More Tickets – Equates to More Money

Unfortunately, traffic tickets have nothing to do with making our highways safer.  In reality, the more tickets that are written, the fuller the government coffers. This is a very poor way to make money. We see it as politicians seek to dig deeper into the pockets of hardworking people.  When one begins to understand the full magnitude of private and public interests that rely on ripping motorists off through the issuance of traffic tickets, you start to grasp why this unethical injustice grows and expands each year.

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