Visiting Benicia

Visiting Benicia

Visiting Benicia

Visiting Benicia

I’m Ed Smith a Benicia personal injury attorney. Benicia is a bustling city in California with endless activities to enjoy with friends and family. Benicia also holds an extensive historical background that makes it more intriguing and surprising for all.

Benicia Historical Background

Some readers may know something about the history of the placement of the state capital in California: that it resided at one point in San Francisco and that it nearly permanently was moved to Berkeley. The street names near the University of California at Berkeley, many of which are California counties and cities to this day, derive from this period. But did you know that Benicia actually did serve as the state capital, for over a year starting in 1853? This was the last place that the California capital sat before being moved to its current location of Sacramento. How about the fact that Benicia was only the third city ever incorporated in the state of California? For some time, it was expected that Benicia would become one of the major commercial cities of California, due to its favorable location along the Carquinez Strait.

Benicia Tourist Attractions

Benicia is no longer the capital and has not grown into an economic giant like San Francisco, the city remains not only an important port for Northern California, but a pleasant and bustling smaller community. Among attractions which point toward the historic heritage of the city briefly sketched above are: Benicia Capitol State Historic Park, Benicia Antique Mall, and the Arsenal. The Capitol Historic Park, as the name suggests, serves as a kind of living throwback to the mid 19th-century, the days when Benicia served as the capital of the state and the seat of Solano County, and when Gold Rush wealth was freshly running through the economic veins of Benicia and the other cities of the expanding Bay Area. There you can find the old chambers of the California State Senate and California State Assembly, which have been restored to all their brick and chandelier glory for your enjoyment. A visitor can find Benicia’s Antique Mall, a large space collecting all sorts of esoteric remnants of Benicia’s and the Bay’s past, for your perusal and collection. The Arsenal is another interesting relic of days past, when Benicia’s role as a California city was yet to be fully made clear: it served as a depot for military munitions in the days of the Gold Rush and the Civil War, but has since been transformed into a workshop and gallery for many local artists. The space holds many “open studio” events, at which the public is invited and encouraged to come and view sculpture, painting, and other work by Bay craftsmen and women. This is yet another reason that makes visiting Benicia so appealing.

Benicia Hot Spot Venues

Benicia’s appeal to visitors does not rest solely on its past, however, the explorer will find a wealth of new galleries, cafes, and restaurants in the small city, especially along its First Street corridor. These include the Camellia Tea Room, with a selection of over 40 specialty teas to choose from, the First Street Cafe, known for its barbecue sandwiches and classic wood interior, as well as Lindsay Art Glass, where you have the rare chance not only to buy intricate glass work of many types from a multitude of artists, but to witness the glassblowing process in action.

Visiting Benicia is something to be enjoyed with friends and family. We hope to seen you around town soon.

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