Vision Changes After an Auto Accident

Vision Changes After an Auto Accident

Vision changes after an auto accident are a severe problem that can have permanent impacts on someone’s quality of life. A traumatic accident can remove someone’s ability to see in the blink of an eye. Some of the possible mechanisms of visual changes in motor vehicle collisions include:

  • Suffering a blunt impact to the head or neck area
  • A penetrating injury to the eye
  • Foreign bodies that enter the eye possibly causing a corneal abrasion
  • Changes in intraocular pressure behind the eyes
  • A serious traumatic brain injury

All of these injuries have the potential to cause severe visual changes. It is essential for everyone to understand some basic information regarding visual changes following a motor vehicle accident. This includes possible causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Possible Causes of Vision Changes After an Auto Accident

There are a few common causes of visual changes following a motor vehicle accident. Some of these can cause serious, permanent damage to someone’s vision, including blindness. A few causes of traumatic vision changes include:

  • Foreign Body: A foreign body is one of the most common reasons for visual changes. In this case, the vision change is usually limited to one eye only. Common foreign bodies include glass, wood, dust, and even metal.
  • Open Globe: An open globe injury is a medical emergency. In this injury, the bones around the eye are disrupted, and the liquid of the eye starts to leak. People might notice that their pupil is misshapen. If not corrected quickly, this could lead to blindness.
  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma is the term used to describe increased pressure behind the eye. As the pressure increases, retina, cornea, and nerves that power the eye can become damaged. Glaucoma is a medical emergency.
  • Retinal Detachment: In a retinal detachment, the retina becomes either partially or completely detached from the rest of the eye. People often describe a “curtain of darkness” falling across their visual field.

Loss of vision after a motor vehicle accident can be particularly worrisome. In many cases, these visual changes are accompanied by a traumatic brain injury. This combination could place individuals in the intensive care unit facing a prolonged recovery and guarded prognosis.

Watch YouTube Video: Detecting Glaucoma Through a Dilated Eye Exam. This animated video explains how early signs of glaucoma can be detected through a full dilated eye exam.

Treatment of Vision Changes Following a Motor Vehicle Accident

The treatment of visual loss after a motor vehicle collision will depend on the nature of the eye injury. In the case of a foreign body, a trained physician will try to remove the object and alleviate the symptoms using pain-relieving medications. Open globe injuries and retinal detachments often require surgery to repair the eye. Glaucoma is treated by reducing the pressure behind the eye.

In some cases, this can be done with oral or intraocular medications. In other situations, the individual might need to go to the operating room to relieve the pressure surgically. After seeking medical care, families should know that additional resources are available as well.

Contacting an Auto Accident Attorney

Visual changes are severe and can make it hard for someone to return to work. During this time, families might struggle to keep food on the table, pay their medical bills, and cope with a loved one who is recovering from a serious eye injury. In this situation, it is essential to speak with a Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney. You and your loved ones could be owed a financial award.

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