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December 13, 2019
Edward Smith

Vehicle Rollover on Fairfield Highway

On Tuesday, December 10, 2019, California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported a collision involving a vehicle rollover on a Fairfield highway. The accident happened in the late afternoon on Highway Interstate 80 just outside of Fairfield. According to information from CHP, an ambulance was called to the site of the accident. However, the extent of the injuries involved in the collision remains unreported.

Crash Details

The accident happened just before 3:55 p.m. on the eastbound side of 80 a short distance past the off-ramp for American Canyon Road west of Fairfield. According to police, a multiple-vehicle accident caused a grey-colored sedan to overturn. The overturned vehicle reportedly came to a rest on its roof on a dirt embankment to the right-hand side of the highway.

Drivers of several vehicles reportedly pulled over and helped the occupants of the crashed cars. CHP reported that the individuals involved in the accident were able to exit their vehicles with assistance from crash witnesses. CHP indicated that a tow truck with enough cable to drag the wrecked sedan back onto the road was called to the site at around 4:15 p.m.

Rollover Accidents

According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, collisions that involve a rollover are much more dangerous than most types of accidents. While only about two out of every 100 accidents in the US involves a rollover, one in every 10 fatal accidents involves an overturned vehicle.

The trend is similar in Solano County, where the rate for fatal injuries in accidents is about one percent and the fatality rate for rollovers is just under three percent. This means that Solano County rollovers were three times more deadly than collisions in general. Furthermore, Solano rollovers involved a severe injury about twice as often as most accidents.

Roof Crush Injuries

There are several reasons that rollover crashes are especially dangerous. However, one of the largest concerns in a rollover crash is roof crush injuries. These sorts of injuries can happen when the roof of a vehicle isn’t strong enough to withstand and impact and crumples.

In California, auto manufacturers are expected to ensure the safety of the products they sell. For this reason, they can often be held financially responsible when the roofs of their vehicles can’t keep people safe during a crash. By filing personal injury claims against these companies, people who have been injured in car accidents can recover payments for the damages they’ve suffered.

What Payments are Available in Personal Injury Claims?

The kinds of compensation that you can recover in a personal injury claim vary depending on the circumstances of your accident as well as how your injuries have affected your life. However, common types of compensation available in injury claims include payments for lost income, medical expenses, quality of life, and more.

If you’d like to know what you may be owed for your injuries, it’s always best to contact a personal injury lawyer and speak to them personally about your case.

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