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The First Vaping Lawsuits Have Been Filed

The First Vaping Lawsuits Have Been Filed

The first vaping lawsuits have been filed as North Carolina has targeted Juul in addition to eight other e-cigarette companies. While many people think that vaping is a “healthy” alternative to cigarettes and other traditional tobacco products, e-cigarettes are far from healthy. Recently, there have been reports of people being hospitalized with mysterious symptoms that include respiratory distress and severe lung damage. In many cases, these symptoms are life-threatening.

The damage done by these vaping products has not gone unnoticed. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have already gotten involved. These government agencies have launched investigations into the health risks associated with vaping. Furthermore, the state of North Carolina has filed lawsuits against Juul and other vaping companies in an effort to hold these businesses liable for the damage that their products have caused.

North Carolina Targets Industry Leader Juul, Among Others

North Carolina has filed lawsuits against Juul, one of the industry leaders in vaping, and eight other companies. The state is alleging that these businesses have purposefully targeted children and teenagers with their marketing strategy. The companies that North Carolina has targeted include Eonsmoke, Juice Man, Electric Lotus, Direct eLiquid, Beard Vape, Electric Tobacconist, VapeCo, and Tinted Brew. The state is claiming that by using certain brightly colored, sweet flavors and inadequate age verification systems, these companies invited children to purchase their products.

Vaping has become a serious problem in middle school and high schools across the country. Because e-cigarettes are so small, they are easy to hide. Children can quickly move to the bathroom or locker room to use their vape. Then, they can return to class without anyone knowing. For all of these reasons, vaping has grown into an epidemic among children. These businesses do not need to be adding to the crisis by marketing to children. These vaping lawsuits are a way of holding these companies accountable.

Vaping Lawsuits Following a Number of Hospitalizations

The vaping lawsuits have been filed during a period when e-cigarette companies are under a tremendous amount of scrutiny. Recently, large numbers of people have been hospitalized across the United States. Health officials believe that these hospitalizations are all connected to vaping.

The long-term health consequences of vaping are still largely unknown. Because of this, many people have called for increased regulations. Unlike traditional tobacco companies, vaping businesses are still allowed to advertise, coming as a shock to many. These lawsuits allege that vaping companies have taken advantage of this privilege, using it to target children. If kids are hooked on vaping, they can become a reliable customer for these businesses for years. This places their own health, and the health of others, at risk.

Additional Concerns Surround Vaping

Finally, many concerns have also been raised surrounding the lack of regulation surrounding vaping. North Carolina’s lawsuit against Juul also alleges that the company misrepresented the amount of nicotine in its e-liquids. Nicotine is highly addictive and can be dangerous to someone’s health. The bright colors of e-liquids are attractive to young children. There have been reports of children ingesting the e-liquid as a juice, leading to acute nicotine poisoning. Vaping companies must accurately represent the ingredients in their products. If they fail in this capacity, they need to be held responsible. The vaping lawsuits filed by North Carolina are sure to be the first of many.

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