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Vaping Hospitalizations are on the Rise

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September 04, 2019
Edward Smith

Vaping Hospitalizations are on the Rise

While there has been a large campaign against the addictive nature of e-cigarettes, particularly in children, vaping hospitalizations are also on the rise. Across the country, dozens of people have been hospitalized and doctors are finding that the common thread has been the use of e-cigarettes, commonly called vaping. For the past few years, there has been a growing trend of vaping among students in middle schools and high schools. These children might even believe that these products are a “safe” alternative to the traditional cigarettes, whose use has markedly dropped over the past few decades thanks to public health campaigns across the country. Now, it appears that there is a new problem. It comes in the form of e-cigarettes, such as the Juul, and it is putting this country’s children in the hospital with severe breathing issues.

Watch YouTube Video ~ The video alleges that eight teenagers from the Wisconsin area were hospitalized due to severe damage to their lungs. The one thing they all had in common was vaping. Doctors believe the damage may be a result of such use.

A Growing Problem Over the Past Few Months

During the summer, nearly 100 people have been hospitalized across the country and, unfortunately, the number is still rising. The common factor among all of these hospitalizations has been vaping. Vaping hospitalizations are rising in multiple states, including California, and everyone is worried that the number will continue to rise until the country gets a clue on this dangerous issue.

Both children and adults appear to be harmed by this illness. Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Severe chest pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Excessive fatigue and difficulty staying awake
  • A painful cough that sometimes is productive in nature
  • Severe weight loss

When these patients are questioned further about their symptoms, they have all revealed that they use an e-cigarette, such as the Juul, on a regular basis. They also used this product recently prior to arriving at the hospital. Why are vaping hospitalizations rising?

The Government Has Seen Enough: The CDC is Getting Involved

The rapid rise in vaping hospitalizations has grabbed the attention of the highest health officials in the country. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) has announced that it is getting involved and is launching its own investigation to get to the bottom of this crisis. As of right now, they are still looking for a common issue among the e-cigarettes.

While these e-liquids come in various flavors, the CDC is concerned that people might have (either knowingly or unknowingly) vaped other substances. Some of the possible culprits include an overdose of nicotine, THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), and even synthetic cannabis-like drugs (sometimes referred to as K2). Even though the CDC is still investigating, they have said that they do not think an infectious disease is the likely cause. This makes it even more likely that vaping is likely putting these individuals in the hospital.

A Common Misconception

One of the reasons why so many children and teenagers are ending up in the hospital is that they believe these products are safer than traditional cigarettes. Furthermore, e-cigarette companies, such as Juul, have even made their products more attractive to children with their flashy packages and sweet flavors. Unfortunately, these products are not safe and have led to what amounts to a public health crisis. Early studies are already showing that these products can cause severe cardiac, vascular, and respiratory issues. It is time for these e-cigarette companies to take responsibility for the health and safety problem caused by their products.

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