Vallejo Pedestrian Accident Dangers

Vallejo Pedestrian Accident Dangers

Vallejo Pedestrian Accident Dangers

Vallejo Pedestrian Accident Dangers – According to information from the Vallejo Police Department (VPD), 2018 has been a dangerous year for local pedestrians. In response to a dramatic increase in pedestrian accident fatalities since January, VPD has increased patrols in key locations, and the city has improved heavily trafficked pedestrian areas. Those living in Vallejo should know how to best reduce their chances of being involved in a serious pedestrian/vehicle accident and should be aware of the possible consequences of being struck by an oncoming vehicle. Area residents may also be interested in knowing which areas of the city have seen the highest number of pedestrian injuries over recent years.

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries

The majority of pedestrian accident injuries happen at the point of impact or the area of the pedestrian’s body that is struck by a vehicle. In more severe accidents, it is also possible that a pedestrian will suffer secondary injuries from being thrown into an object or another vehicle. Because pedestrians don’t have any protection from impacts, the injuries that they sustain tend to be some of the most severe. Common pedestrian injuries include:

  • Lacerations, bruises, and scrapes on the face and/or body
  • Traumatic brain injuries – these often include serious symptoms such as cognitive issues, chronic headaches, loss of memory, and more.
  • Torn ligaments
  • Internal trauma including organ injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries – these are also often serious and can leave people with severe pain and/or paralysis
  • Major bone fractures

Dangerous Intersections

The areas around the following intersections saw a relatively high number of crashes over the last decade:

  • Mini Drive and Sonoma Boulevard at State Route 29
  • Admiral Callaghan Lane and Redwood Parkway
  • Redwood Street and State Route 29
  • Diana Drive and Mini Drive
  • Admiral Callaghan Lane and Rotary Way
  • Broadway Street and Sereno Drive
  • Redwood Street and Tuolumne Street
  • Alameda Street and Tennessee Street
  • Fairgrounds Drive and Redwood Parkway at Redwood Street
  • Broadway Street at Tennessee Street

Staying Safe

There are a few key ways that pedestrians can increase their safety while walking on city roads.

  • Stay alert – pedestrians should always stay aware of their surroundings. Often, vehicle drivers forget to turn their headlights on or make sudden turns. Keeping a sharp eye on your surroundings can keep you safe from reckless motorists.
  • Stay visible – wearing bright clothing at night is important. It’s also important to make sure that drivers are easily able to see you before you enter a crosswalk or while walking along a road with fast-moving traffic.
  • Be predictable – walking in a way that drivers can predict is one of the best ways of avoiding a crash. If a driver knows which direction you are heading, they can more easily avoid you.

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Vallejo Pedestrian Accident Dangers:

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