Vallejo Multiple-Vehicle Collision Causes Fatality and Injuries

Fatality and Injuries Occur in Eastbound I-80 Multiple-Vehicle Collision

One person was killed, and two suffered injuries in a multiple-vehicle collision in Vallejo on September 2. The crash occurred around 2:40 a.m. on eastbound I-80 close to Highway 37. When California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers arrived at the accident site, they discovered an overturned Toyota Tundra and two other vehicles had been involved. 

Investigation Taking Place to Identify Reason for Multiple-Vehicle Collision

Police confirmed that one fatality had occurred. Information was not provided on the extent of injuries to others and whether they received treatment at the scene or were taken to a hospital, although two were reported. The CHP traffic collision investigation unit is handling the accident to determine which driver/drivers were at fault and what caused the crash.

What Our Firm Can Do For You

Since our attorneys have been practicing for many years, they have successfully handled many accident injury claims. The first step is conducting an investigation to determine which driver/drivers are at fault. In many cases, a motorist was speeding, distracted or inebriated, which led to the multiple-vehicle crash. In addition, by investigating a case, evidence can be found supporting a client’s personal injury claim. Evidence is also used in wrongful death cases. 

Evidence Techniques Used in Accident Investigations

Among the techniques we use to investigate the case are:

  • There is a check made on the police report filed in the accident to make sure there are no errors. If there are errors, a client may be unable to file a compensation claim.
  • As part of our accident reconstruction process, our investigators determine how the crash occurred and how the vehicles were positioned. In insurance companies and in civil court, this type of evidence is often used to determine which driver/drivers caused the accident.
  • Witnesses to a multiple-vehicle collision are interviewed for corroborating evidence. Sometimes, a witness taped the accident on their cell phone either during or after the event, providing strong evidence. 
  • To determine if the injury accident was captured on film as it occurred, traffic cameras in the area are examined. If the multiple-vehicle accident was caught on tape, it can be subpoenaed. 

Our injury lawyers compile the evidence to build a case supporting our client’s claim. This helps the client collect their unpaid wages, recover their medical expenses, and receive reimbursement for their pain and suffering. The same types of evidence are also used in supporting a grieving family’s wrongful death claim.

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