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Vallejo Motorcycle Crash Causes Serious Trauma

Vallejo Motorcycle Crash Results in Serious Trauma

On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, one person was left with serious injuries after a Vallejo motorcycle crash. Solano Area California Highway Patrol (CHP) reports that the accident occurred in the morning and involved multiple vehicles. No other parties besides the motorcyclist were reported to have been hurt during the crash, and the incident is under CHP investigation.

Crash Information

The accident happened on Highway 37 at the Highway 29 junction on the northwestern edge of Vallejo. Specific details about the circumstances leading up to the crash have not yet been made available. However, police indicated that a motorcyclist crashed into the rear-end of a Ford pickup truck.

After the crash happened, CHP received notification of the incident via phone call and sent responders out to the site. At the location, response officials discovered that the motorcyclist was seriously hurt and had him placed in an ambulance and driven to a nearby hospital for emergency care. Whether or not the truck driver or any occupants sustained injuries was not reported.


As officers keep looking into the event, investigators haven’t reported any suspected causes. Frequently, motorcycle accidents like this one are the result of more than one factor and many common causes of similar accidents can’t be controlled by riders or drivers. These non-motorist causes can be things like defective motorcycle products, faulty roadways, weather conditions, and more. In cases that involve non-motorist factors, parties such as governments or vehicle manufactures may share liability for the crash.

Motorcyclist Injuries

Motorcyclists typically do everything they can to keep themselves safe, including taking special safety courses and wearing protective gear, including helmets, armored jackets and boots, gloves, and more. However, motorcyclists still lack the safety features of passenger vehicles like airbags and walls of steel. Furthermore, motorcyclists are almost always knocked off their bikes during accidents.

Because of these factors, motorcyclists are likely to suffer serious injuries even in accidents that would have been minor if they had involved cars or trucks. Injuries that motorcyclists commonly suffer include:

All of these injuries have the potential to seriously impact your life and may require extensive medical care in order for motorcyclists to fully recover. Unfortunately, this medical care is often very expensive, making it difficult for many to afford the treatment that they need. These financial issues can be even worse for people whose trauma has left them unable to do their job.

Getting Help

Thankfully, it’s possible for injured motorcyclists to get help from a Vallejo motorcycle accident attorney. An experienced lawyer can let you know what compensation may be available to you through a personal injury claim and will be indispensable if you choose to pursue payments from negligent parties. Often, motorcyclists obtain full compensation for their economic and personal losses.

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