Vacaville Motorcycle Accident Statistics

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Vacaville Motorcycle Accident Statistics

I’m Ed Smith, a Vacaville motorcycle accident attorney. With easy access to long, beautiful country drives, Vacaville is a great place to own a motorcycle. However, riding a motorcycle does come with certain risks and residents of Vacaville may be interested in knowing some of the statistics regarding motorcycle accidents in their area. This info and more is below.

Injury Accident Overview

According to data gathered by UC Berkeley, there has been a total of 111 injury-causing motorcycle accidents in  Vacaville in the last five years. A total of 7 of these accidents caused a fatality, 16 caused a severe injury, 58 caused visible injury, and 30 prompted a complaint of pain.

Alcohol and Accidents

Of these 111 accidents, 14 involved the consumption of alcohol as a causal factor, putting alcohol-caused accidents at about 12 percent of total motorcycle accidents. Of the fourteen alcohol-caused accidents, three included fatalities where only 4 fatalities occurred in accidents not involving alcohol.

These numbers mean that while alcohol is responsible for only a little more than 10 percent of injury motorcycle accidents in Vacaville, it is responsible for almost half of the deaths caused by motorcycle accidents.

Dangerous Roadways

By far, the site of most of Vacaville’s motorcycle accidents is highway Interstate I-80. Nearly one-third of all injury-causing motorcycle accidents in Vacaville happen on this roadway. Other roads with relatively high amounts of injury-causing motorcycle accidents include Elmira Road, Peabody Drive, and Alamo Drive.

Motorcycle Accidents and Brain Injury

Motorcyclists often sustain serious injuries because they do not have the same protections as those in passenger vehicles. A common type of injury that motorcyclists suffer is injuries to the head and/or brain.

Injuries in which the head receives significant trauma can result in traumatic brain injuries and can leave individuals with long-term damage. Even if there is no visible injury on the head, there can be serious consequences. Symptoms of brain damage include headaches, mood swings and irritability, long and short-term loss of memory, and the loss of cognitive functions.

If one has suffered an impact to the head during an accident, having a physician check for brain injury as soon as possible is very important as damage may not be apparent immediately.

Motorcycle Accidents and Broken Bones

Another very common injury in motorcycle accidents is broken bones or bone fractures. Bone fractures are serious injuries and usually require medical attention that lasts weeks and sometimes even months. The long-term effects of serious bone fractures can even leave individuals with lifelong pain or disability.

Bone fractures are typically categorized into closed and open fractures. Closed fractures are when the broken bone does not break through the skin. Open fractures mean that there is an opening in the skin where the bone is exposed. Open fractures put individuals at risk for complications such as infection. In the event of either kind of fracture, seeking medical attention is important.

Vacaville Motorcycle Accident Attorney

I’m Ed Smith, a Vacaville motorcycle accident attorney. Motorcycle accidents often result in serious and sometimes fatal injuries. If a motorcycle collision has left you or someone you love with traumatic injuries, please call me for free, friendly advice at (707) 564-1900. In other area codes, you can call (800) 404-5400 for free.

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