Vacaville Accident Yesterday | Woman Dies in Rural Crash

Vacaville Accident Yesterday

Woman Dies in Rural Crash Near Vacaville

I’m Ed Smith, a Vacaville personal injury lawyer. Local officials reported that a woman received fatal injuries in a car crash that recently took place on a rural road only a few miles northeast of Vacaville. California Highway Patrol (CHP) officials reported that the fatal accident took place during the afternoon of Thursday, July 5, 2018. Reports from responding officers stated that the crash involved two vehicles and left one more individual with moderate injuries. Solano County officials identified the woman on Monday, July 9, 2018, as Mary Montague, a 77-year-old resident of Dixon. I’d like to extend my condolences to those who are grieving over the sudden loss of their loved one.

Accident Details

According to CHP, the crash took place on Midway Road at about 2:15 p.m. The Dixon woman had been driving eastbound on Midway in a Toyota Camry approaching the intersection of Batavia Road. At the same time, a 22-year-old woman from Modesto had been driving southbound on Batavia in a Hyundai Electra.

Reports show that the driver of the Electra failed to stop at the stop sign before entering the Midway/Batavia intersection and crashed into the side of the Camry at high speeds. The impact caused the Camry to overturn and roll off of the roadway before striking a large tree.


Medical officials called to the accident reported that they found the elderly Camry driver with severe injuries. Tragically, the woman was declared deceased by officials at the scene of the crash. The driver of the Camry was also found with injuries and was transported via ambulance to the Vacaville Kaiser Permanente Medical Center to receive care.

Wrongful Death Claims

When a person loses their life, their family is often affected in many serious ways. However, when the death is the fault of a negligent party, families and those who depended on the fatally injured person can seek payments from those responsible for the accident. These cases are referred to as “wrongful death claims.”

The types of recompense that can be recovered in wrongful death claims varies from case to case. However, liable parties can often be held responsible for damages such as loss of parental guidance, loss of inheritance funds, loss of income, funeral and burial costs, and more.

Calling a Lawyer

After losing someone you care about, it can be difficult to focus on much other than coping emotionally. Many people have a hard time even dealing with normal daily tasks and meeting the requirements of filing a wrongful death case can seem like a distant idea. However, those responsible for the accident normally don’t have to deal with the same emotional burden and are usually quick to begin trying to defend themselves from liability. For this reason, calling an experienced wrongful death lawyer as soon as possible is important. Not only will a good wrongful death lawyer be able to make sure your case is being handled properly, but they can also relieve stress by taking care of legal issues for you.

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