Urinary Tract Lacerations with Pelvic Fractures

 Urinary Tract Lacerations with Pelvic Fractures

Urinary Tract Lacerations with Pelvic Fractures

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer. Some wounds that are sustained in traumatic accidents receive more attention than others, but even those injuries that are occasionally overlooked are significant. Such is the case with urinary tract injuries that are often accompanied by pelvic fractures. These injuries can absolutely have a significant adverse impact on someone’s quality of life.

While urinary tract injuries are often injuries that people are uncomfortable to talk about, they are nonetheless essential and can be a severe problem should they develop. Most urinary tract injuries develop when someone suffers a direct blow to their groin. There are many ways that these types of injuries can come about:

  • Sports: Sports are one of the most common ways that people sustain urinary tract injuries. This is why people are encouraged to wear jockstrap and cup protectors. However, these devices aren’t perfect and people, particularly teenagers engaging in contact sports, are at risk of urinary tract injuries through play.
  • Bicycle Accidents: Bike accidents are one of the common culprits when it comes to urinary tract injuries. If someone collides with another object, they can fall on the crossbar of their bike and sustain direct damage to the urethra. This can lead to significant symptoms and pain for the injured party.
  • Auto Accidents: Car crashes are another way that urinary tract injuries can develop. Falling glass, frontal impacts, and other debris can come into contact with the groin. Urinary tract injuries can often be accompanied by many other injuries as a result and, because of these injuries, urinary tract problems could be overlooked.

Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Injuries and Pelvic Fractures

If someone is suspected of sustaining a urinary tract injury, there are other accompanying injuries, such as bone fractures, that should also be investigated. Pelvic fractures are often diagnosed with an x-ray that can show the fracture and, if it was sustained in a car crash, an urinary tract injury can be accompanied by a pelvic fracture or dislocation as well. The urinary tract injury is first suspected by finding blood in the urine. Should this be located, the damage can further be diagnosed with a urethrogram. Dye will be inserted up the urethra and will light up on an imaging study, helping to show the injury. It is important not to insert a catheter into someone who has a urinary tract injury because this can worsen the injury. These damages are typically repaired through surgery.

Complications and Quality of Life Issues Can Result

When someone has sustained trauma to their urinary tract, there is a quality of life issues that can develop as a result. An inability to urinate frequently could mean that people have to wear a bag to accommodate the constant drainage. These supplies can be expensive, and people are at a higher risk of developing a urinary tract infection, which could require antibiotics. These types of injuries can also be embarrassing, and people could may trouble going out in public.

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