Upcoming Construction on the Roseville Parkway Extension Project

Breaking Ground Soon: The Extension of Roseville Parkway

Stretching from Washington Boulevard to Foothills Boulevard, the extension of Roseville Parkway will forge a vital link between northwest Roseville, east Roseville, and the neighboring Granite Bay area. This extension is slated to make travel more convenient for residents by directly connecting them to key destinations such as the Galleria Mall, The Fountains shopping center, and access routes to Highway 65.

Construction Set to Begin

With construction anticipated to kick off either in late September or early October, the Roseville City Council has given the green light for this significant undertaking. During a recent meeting, the council unanimously approved moving forward with the project, awarding the construction contract, and making budget adjustments. They also approved a services agreement and a purchase order for the work to begin. Mayor Bruce Houdesheldt conveyed his enthusiasm for the project, noting that the decision to extend the Roseville Parkway had been made in 2019 as an alternative to extending Blue Oaks. He said seeing the project finally making progress and moving toward implementation was gratifying.

The budget for this ambitious project is approximately $27 million, fully covered by the Traffic Mitigation Fund. With a targeted completion date set for Spring 2025, this extension project promises to significantly boost local infrastructure. It is expected to greatly benefit the residents of Roseville and its surrounding areas.

About the Roseville Parkway Extension Project

The Roseville Parkway Extension Project is a comprehensive infrastructure initiative to enhance community connectivity and will comprise:

  • A four-lane roadway between Washington Boulevard and a point west of Foothills Boulevard, with two lanes designated for each direction of traffic.
  • A newly constructed bridge that will span Industrial Avenue and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, aiming to alleviate traffic bottlenecks.
  • Aesthetically pleasing landscaping enhances the visual appeal of the area.
  • Sidewalks for pedestrian safety and convenience.
  • Class II bike lanes to encourage cycling and provide a safer route for bikers.
  • A multi-use path designed to accommodate pedestrians and cyclists offers a more flexible use of the space.

With this comprehensive plan, the Roseville Parkway Extension Project seeks to make a lasting impact on local transportation and community well-being.

How the Roseville Parkway Extension Project Benefits the Community

The Roseville Parkway Extension Project is not merely an infrastructure upgrade; it’s a community-enhancing initiative that has ripple effects on various aspects of daily life. One immediate benefit would be the potential for economic growth. Improved road connectivity often invites investment and can lead to an increase in property values. With more convenient access to shopping centers like the Galleria Mall and The Fountains, local businesses will likely see an uptick in customer traffic, which could spur additional commercial development and job opportunities in the area.

Additionally, the project is designed with safety in mind. The extension will reduce the risk of traffic accidents by alleviating congestion on existing routes. Dedicated bike lanes and multi-use paths provide safer, alternate modes of transportation for non-drivers. This encourages residents to consider walking or cycling viable options, promoting a healthier, more active lifestyle while reducing the city’s carbon footprint. Thus, the project aligns well with broader public health and environmental sustainability goals, making it a win-win for the Roseville community.

The following video provides an update on the Roseville Parkway Extension Project.

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