Unsecured Load Causes Traffic Problems on I-5 in Sacramento

Truck Traveling on I-5 Loses Tires on the Highway

An unsecured load on a truck caused problems for motorists in Sacramento on December 31. The incident happened around 2:30 in the afternoon along Interstate 5 southbound just north of J Street. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) report, a tire fell off a large truck and struck the windshield of a Kia Sorento. 

Additional Information About the Unsecured Load Accident

The truck reportedly pulled off to the next exit ramp, and the vehicle moved over to the right-hand side near J Street. Another witness to additional problems called to say another tire had fallen off what appeared to be the same truck along I-5 just north of Highway 50 and that the tire was lying in the center divide. Debris was also strewn in the roadway because of the improperly secured cargo, according to a witness. One of the tires was impeding road traffic. Whether there were any accident injuries involved in the collision has not been announced at the time of this report.

Dangers of Unsecured Loads

Unsecured loads that fall onto the roadway present a danger to motorists. Often, a driver doesn’t realize there is a large object in their path until it is too late to miss striking it. In other cases, the driver may panic and jerk their steering wheel, colliding with another car. Even small debris flying off the back of a truck can be perilous to a driver following behind. This is especially true on highways, where motorists are traveling at higher speeds.

Who Has the Responsibility for Road Debris?

In California, the driver of the vehicle can be held liable if damage is caused to another car or truck or if someone is injured or dies as a result. Drivers who have not properly secured their loads with tie-downs, tarps, or in some other way, can be ticketed. Seeking advice from a personal injury attorney may be a start toward claiming compensation to pay your medical bills and other losses if you were injured by flying debris or an obstacle in the road. 

Liability in an Unsecured Load Accident

If the vehicle that caused your injury was commercial such as a tractor-trailer, the driver may not be the only individual who would be considered at fault. The vehicle owner, the company that employs the driver, and the individuals who loaded the truck may share the blame.

Investigation of an Unsecured Load Accident

Our investigators are experienced in finding evidence to support a client’s injury claim. Among the areas that are checked are:

  • Traffic and road surveillance cameras are sought that may have filmed the truck that was dropping debris on the road. Even if the vehicle didn’t stop and continued on, the video footage may be enough to identify the owner.
  • Witnesses are interviewed to get their statements on what they saw. This can further corroborate whose truck caused the injury and help create a timeline.
  • The report by the police is checked to ensure its accuracy.
  • Accident reconstruction techniques are performed by the investigators to show the path of the vehicle with the unsecured load and exactly how the injury to the client occurred. Armed with compelling evidence, our injury lawyers take over to construct a strong case to support our client’s claim. It can not only be used when negotiating with the insurance company but can be presented in court if necessary.

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