Understanding Rollover Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Understanding Rollover Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Understanding Rollover Accidents and How to Avoid Them

I’m Ed Smith, a Citrus Heights personal injury lawyer. Rollovers in motor vehicles occur when a vehicle tips over, sometimes landing on its roof. This type of car accident carries the highest percentage of fatalities, according to the latest statistics. Protecting yourself and your loved ones from a rollover isn’t always possible. However, there are things a driver can do to lower the risk of rollover accidents and serious injuries or possible fatalities.

What Are Tripped and Untripped Rollovers?

Tripped rollovers represent 95 percent of these accidents. They are usually caused by an external force such as driving on a slope or striking a guardrail or curb. They can also occur when the tires on one side of a vehicle run into soft soil such as the shoulder of a road. In vehicles that are poorly designed, a rollover can result in a crushed roof.

Untripped rollovers account for 5 percent of accidents where the vehicle overturns. Top-heavy vehicles are more likely to be involved in untripped rollovers. Making avoidance maneuvers at a higher rate of speed causes an untripped rollover.

What Vehicles Are at the Highest Risk of Rollover?

A recent report lists the SUVs and trucks that have the highest risk of being involved in rollover accidents. Vehicles that have a high clearance are most likely to experience a rollover, although it can occur in any vehicle, depending on the type of accident. The following vehicles exhibited the highest rollover risk in the 2017 models:

  • Nissan NV3500 SUV: The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported this model as having the highest risk of rollover of all the vehicles tested. The risk rate was 30.6 percent in a collision.
  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4WD: According to crash tests, this model fared worse than most other SUVs at 29.7 percent.
  • Toyota 4Runner: When it comes to the risk of rollovers, The 4Runner fared badly in both the rear-wheel and all-wheel-drive models with a 24.6 percent risk of overturning.
  • Dodge Ram 2500 4-Wheel Drive: NHTSA gave this model of the Ram three stars because of the 23.7 percent risk of rollover.
  • Ford F-250: The NHTSA reported that the 2017 F-250 has had eight recalls, which is a problem in itself. The rollover risk was placed at 23.7 percent.

Avoiding a Rollover Accident

Finding out how to reduce your chance of being in a rollover accident is not only practical but smart. Some of the ways to avoid being in one of these accidents are as follows:

  • Wear your seat belt, and insist that all passengers use the restraints. This not only protects an individual in a collision but prevents the person from being thrown from the vehicle in a rollover.
  • If you own a vehicle with a high center of gravity, think about this when you do a trade-in if you are looking to get a newer model.
  • Keep your tires in good condition and balanced.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Drunk driving causes many accident injuries and fatalities each year.
  • Slow your vehicle when making a turn. Driving too fast around a curve may cause your vehicle to slide, resulting in a rollover.
  • Drive defensively because you can never be guaranteed what another motorist will do.
  • Take the weather into consideration. In inclement weather, going at a reasonable speed, instead of at the posted limit, may get you home safely.

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