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Ukiah Area Crash Injures Two

Ukiah Area Crash Injures Two

Ukiah Area Crash Injures Two

I’m Ed Smith, a Ukiah, personal injury lawyer. According to reports from the Ukiah area California Highway Patrol (CHP), two individuals were injured in a collision that occurred north of Ukiah recently. The report stated that the two individuals who were hurt work for the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO) and added that both men received severe injuries. Additionally, the accident reportedly involved only one vehicle, a pickup truck owned by SCSO. The crash remains under investigation by local authorities who have not yet released a full investigation report.

Crash Information

CHP stated that the collision happened just before 7:00 p.m. on US 101 south of the small Mendocino community of Leggett. A 1999 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck being driven by Redding resident Clayton Chaney had been driving along Highway 101 north of Ukiah when the vehicle veered off the road for unknown reasons.

After veering off the road, Chaney attempted to correct the vehicle but was unable to properly steer the pickup back on to the roadway. As a result, the truck was sent into a spin and collided with a highway guardrail before overturning.


CHP responders stated that they found Chaney at the scene of the wreck stuck inside of his overturned vehicle along with passenger Robert Talbott, a Corning resident. Both men had to be cut out of the vehicle using extrication machinery.

Medical officials at the response scene determined both men had suffered serious injuries and had them transported to a local hospital for immediate medical care. Officials did not indicate the specific nature of either man’s injuries and no updates have been reported regarding their conditions. However, neither of the injuries sustained were said to be life-threatening.


CHP has indicated that the accident occurred while the two men were on an assignment in the area on behalf of an SCSO search and rescue team. The causal factors that contributed to this collision have not yet been determined.

Possible factors involved in causing this crash include common collision factors like improperly functioning auto parts, defects or hazards in the roadways, distracted driving, a medical emergency, and more.

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