Uber Has Reached a Settlement With Family of Pedestrian


Uber Has Reached a Settlement With Family of Pedestrian

I’m Ed Smith, a driverless car accident lawyer in Sacramento. A settlement has been reached with the family of the pedestrian killed in a crash with an Uber autonomous vehicle on March 18.

Watch YouTube Video ~ Uber self-drive car in fatal road accident. Watch the video below to learn about the Self-Driving Car Accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona.

Information About the Settlement

The relatives of Elaine Herzberg, the 49-year-old pedestrian killed in the crash, reached a settlement with Uber on March 29. The attorney representing the family said only that the settlement reached between the husband and daughter of Herzberg and Uber was resolved. The identities of both the daughter and the husband were not revealed. There was no record of the family filing a lawsuit against Uber. Herzberg was homeless and well-known in that community as someone who helped others. Reportedly, she was about to get away from her homeless status. Uber is currently worth about $72 billion, and it is thought the settlement was robust.

What Is a Settlement?

Settlements are a contract between parties that may or may not have entered into a lawsuit. Sometimes, settlements are done ahead of the possibility of a lawsuit. In this way, the need for a trial is eliminated. By accepting a settlement, the injured party gives up its right to sue the other party for damages related to the accident in the future. Since it is considered a contract, the court system will make sure the contract is upheld. If one of the parties refuses to obey the requirements and tries to sue the other party, it can be considered a breach of contract.

Many Cases Are Settled

Approximately 95 percent of all cases end in a settlement. While the amount of the settlement is often not available, the sum may be close to the amount that could be won at trial. This depends in large part on the experience of the party’s legal representative. Prior to going to trial, many courts in California impose a mandatory settlement conference to bring the parties together.

Who Benefits From a Settlement?

In most cases, the plaintiff or the individual who was injured benefits to some extent by entering into a settlement. In some cases, a plaintiff will settle before treatment is finished or everything has been done to help them medically. A settlement forbids future claims against the defendant for accident injuries. If additional treatments are needed, there is no way the individual can be compensated. In addition, if the person requires rehabilitative services or palliative care, it will not be compensated either. The defendant benefits also. If fault is not contested, the person or company may choose to settle to avoid damage to their public reputation.

What Happens After a Settlement Is Reached

Once both parties agree to a settlement, it will be turned over to the original court. The court now retains jurisdiction and might make modifications to the settlement if it considers it unfair. The final document is issued as a court order, and if either party breaks it, they may be considered to be in contempt. The court’s final order and the settlement is held confidentially unless the participants agree to release the particulars of the settlement. Further, documents used during negotiations are not able to be used if the settlement is not finalized. If the settlement involves a class action lawsuit, the results are not confidential.

Legal Representation in Settlements

If you are in the midst of settlement negotiations, it is important to have a legal representative on your side. Depending on the situation, you may lose compensation, particularly when an insurance company is involved. It is not in the best interests of the company to pay as much as you deserve. To accomplish this, they may make an attempt to pay less than the damages cost. Your driverless car accident lawyer can help by negotiating with the insurance company to make sure you receive proper compensation.

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