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Two-Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries in North Highlands

Madison Avenue Collision Causes Injuries

A two-vehicle crash occurred in the North Highlands area on January 19 that caused injuries. The collision occurred around 7:36 a.m. at Madison Avenue and Auburn Boulevard when an SUV crossover struck another vehicle, which then hit a power pole. According to the police report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), traffic was not blocked by the collision because both vehicles ended up on the right-hand side of Madison Avenue. 

Passersby Try to Help 

People stopped and were trying to get the party out of the vehicle that struck the pole in North Highlands. However, they were unsuccessful and had to wait for responders from the Sacramento Fire Department to arrive, who successfully extracted the person from the car. The SUV sustained major side damage in the accident, while the other vehicle showed front-end damage. 

Light Pole and Parking Sign Damaged in Two-Vehicle Crash

The pole that was struck was damaged, and SMUD, along with PG&E, were called in to replace it and cords for a parking sign that had been hit. The CHP is conducting an investigation to determine fault and how the two-vehicle crash occurred.

The Extent of Injuries Can Be Delayed After an Accident

Anyone who has ever been in an accident knows that your adrenaline kicks in from the shock and excitement. It can mask symptoms of an injury for a period of hours to days later. This is one of the reasons those who have been involved in a two-vehicle crash should seek medical attention afterward, even if they think they are fine. Delayed symptoms can appear later that can prove to be serious such as:

  • Pain in the neck or shoulders: This can be a sign of cervical strain or sprain. Although there are misconceptions about this type of injury, it can be serious. Memory problems, depression, the inability to work for an extended period and other issues can arise from this common injury, which is also called whiplash.
  • Abdominal pain: Pain in the abdomen can be serious and even life-threatening, so it should be checked out right away. It can mean that internal bleeding is occurring or an organ has been damaged.
  • Headaches, problems with balance, and other subtle symptoms: These can be symptoms of a traumatic head injury, which can range from a concussion to bleeding in or around the brain. These injuries can be life-threatening and some may result in permanent disability or death.
  • Tingling, pain, or a loss of sensitivity: Injuries to the spinal cord can exhibit these symptoms, as well as the loss of control over the bladder or bowels, breathing problems, and others. Some of these injuries result in temporary or permanent paralysis.
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder: An extreme psychological or emotional reaction to an accident. Symptoms can include nightmares or sleeplessness, anxiety, fear, and others. 

Investigating a Two-Vehicle Crash

To place a claim for damages following an injury accident, it must be shown that the other person or entity was responsible. Our investigative team is experienced in collecting the evidence needed. They go to the accident scene and examine the site, perform accident reconstruction and look for cameras in the area that might have captured the collision on video. The investigators interview witnesses to the two-vehicle crash and look at the police report to ensure its accuracy. Our injury attorneys take all the gathered evidence to build a strong case that benefits our client’s claim for compensation.

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