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May 25, 2022
Edward Smith

Two-Vehicle Collision in Stockton

The California Highway Patrol responded to a call of a two-vehicle collision in Stockton on the afternoon of Monday, May 23, 2022. The traffic collision was said to have taken place shortly before 3:50 p.m. on eastbound State Route 4 near the Filbert Street offramp and involved a CalTrans dump truck.

Details on the Two-Vehicle Collision in Stockton

Officials indicated that a gray Ford pickup truck with a camper was involved in a crash with a white dump truck. The preliminary report also indicated that the collision had strewn debris on the road. Information on what caused the two-vehicle collision on eastbound SR-4 was not immediately provided by CHP traffic officers due to the ongoing investigation.

What You Should Know About Personal Injury Claims After an Accident

It is not uncommon for insurers to offer a settlement that falls short of the fair compensation that an injured party deserves. That is because insurance carriers are businesses at the end of the day, and their focus is on protecting their bottom line. This will often occur through a lowball settlement offer or outright denial of the claim. In other situations, they may say that a claimant is not as injured as they claim they are because of a delay in medical treatment. When involved in a motor vehicle collision, this is one of the many reasons why medical care should be sought immediately, in addition to protecting your health and well-being. The last thing you would want to deal with in such a trying time is dealing with a difficult insurance carrier that is downplaying the severity of your injuries or even claiming that they are unrelated to the incident in question. The same approach may also apply to government vehicle accident claims.

Retaining legal counsel is often useful in these situations to ensure that you are fairly compensated for medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, and other accident-related losses. When you have an injury lawyer on your side, you can depend on them to conduct an independent investigation of the crash to properly determine fault, work with experts in the field to calculate your damages, and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company. Your Stockton car accident lawyer will not let you settle for anything less than you deserve. As you can see, there are endless benefits when you have an attorney working to protect you and your best interests. For details on the qualities that you should look for in one, watch this video.

How Much Time Do You Have to Bring a Personal Injury Lawsuit in California?

Personal injury lawsuits are subject to a two-year statute of limitations in California. This means that they must be filed no later than two years from the accident date in civil court. There are some unique situations that may have an impact on the duration of the statute of limitations. For instance, if the case involved a government vehicle, a notice of claim must be brought no later than six months from the incident date. This is by the California Government Code Section 911.2. For more details, reach out to our legal team at for free, friendly case advice.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Stockton

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