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April 05, 2019
Edward Smith

Two Teens Killed in Electrocution Accident

Two teenage boys were tragically killed in an electrocution accident while trying to save a dog on Monday, April 1, 2019. The accident happened about 12:30 pm along the Solano Irrigation District Canal, near Interstate 80 in Dixon. The teens, both 17 years old, have been identified as Jacob Schneider of Dixon and Jacob Hourmouzus of Elk Grove.

I would like to express my sincerest condolences to the families who are mourning the loss of these boys.

How Did the Accident Happen?

The Solano County Sheriff’s Office said Hourmouzus and Schneider along with two other friends and a dog were walking across a 25-foot long bridge, which goes over the canal. As they were crossing the bridge, the dog fell into the canal.

Hourmouzus and Schneider sprung into action, jumping into the canal to rescue the dog. Witnesses say as the boys got a hold of the dog, they grabbed onto the metal gate to keep from being pulled into the canal. According to reports, the metal had live wires, and when the teens grabbed onto it, they were electrocuted and weren’t able to release their grip from the bridge. One of the other teenage boys jumped down into the canal and bumped both boys from the bridge. He was able to pull the boys and the dog out of the water while the fourth friend called 911.

Responding Emergency Personnel

Firefighters quickly responded to the scene and performed lifesaving measures on the teens. A California Highway Patrol helicopter was also called to the scene, but by that time, it was too late to save the boys. They were rushed to the hospital where they were declared dead.

The dog, named Ranger, was treated for his injuries and was reportedly in good health. He was reunited with his family Tuesday morning.

The Investigation

A Sacramento television news crew stated that while reporting about the incident, they saw exposed wires near the metal bridge. However, the crew says there were no warning signs posted about the electrical current.

The Solano Irrigation District operates the canal. The news outlet said based on their inquiry with the district, the bridge was not supposed to be electrified. The Solano County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the incident and will work with experts to determine how the bridge became electrified. Pacific Gas and Electric has shut off power to the bridge so that it would be safe for investigators.

Watch YouTube Video: Teens Electrocuted Trying to Save Dog in Dixon Canal. ABC 10 reports on the story of the two teens who were electrocuted while trying to save a dog in the Dixon canal.

Families and Friends are Heartbroken

Friends and families are devastated after hearing that the teenage boys were killed. Speaking to reporters near the canal where the boys died, Hermouzos’ grandmother, Joy Branco said she is heartbroken and is struggling to find answers as to how the freak accident could have happened. Candy Carillo, Hermouzous’ mother, said her son who split his time between Elk Grove and Dixon, was a loving person whose life was taken far too soon. Carillo said there should have been warning signs posted on or near the bridge to warn the public that it was electrified.

The Dixon Community Wants Answers

Residents in Dixon want to know how the two boys, who were out enjoying their first day of spring break could have died in such a horrible accident. In a special board meeting Wednesday night, the Solano Irrigation District addressed the incident. The meeting started off honoring Schneider and Hourmouzus with a moment of silence. The district said the power lines over the bridge and the canal are normal. But when asked why there were no barriers or signs near the bridge where the boys were killed, the district said the signs are posted only at public access points to the canal and that it was not possible to put up any more signs or barriers in the area that borders private property.

Remembering the Teens

In a small town like Dixon, the death of the boys has been painful for many people to process. Both teens attended Dixon High School, where Schneider was a junior, and Hermouzos was a senior. Grief counseling was offered on Tuesday for students and teachers who knew the two boys. A candlelight vigil was held Tuesday evening at a skateboard park in Dixon to remember the teens where more than 200 people attended.

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