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Two People Injured in Major Injury Accident Near Natomas

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January 09, 2024
Edward Smith

Major Injury Accident Near Natomas Reported on Golden State Highway

Two people were involved in a single-vehicle major injury accident near Natomas on January 5. The collision occurred along Golden State Highway southbound just north of the West Riego Road off-ramp around 7:22 p.m. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the vehicle exited the roadway for unknown reasons, trapping two people inside their SUV. 

Vehicle Found Off Roadway in Major Injury Accident Near Natomas

The vehicle was found around 50 feet off the road and involved in a major rollover. Firefighters extricated both parties from the SUV. Both patients had suffered abrasions and lacerations to their faces and arms. 

Two People Transported to a Hospital With Accident Injuries

Both of the injured in the primary injury accident were transported to a hospital for medical attention. The CHP traffic collision unit is investigating the accident to determine what caused the driver to leave the road. 

Facial Lacerations in an Auto Accident

Many types of trauma can occur in a major injury accident near Natomas. One of the most serious is lacerations and other trauma to the face because they can alter a person’s appearance and leave them with scars or disfigured. Since reconstructive surgery often isn’t covered by insurance, the injured person may have to look toward the at-fault driver if they happened to be a passenger in the vehicle. If the driver was negligent and caused the collision, the injured person can place a personal injury claim to recover the medical costs needed to make them whole again.

Compensation Recovery After an Accident

The amount of compensation recovery after a significant injury accident near Natomas depends on several factors, including the injured party’s age, income, and others. However, the following is commonly recoverable:

  • Medical costs: Medical treatment resulting from an accident can be recovered. In addition to these costs are those for hospitalizations, physician bills, ambulances, surgeries, tests, and rehabilitative care. Medical bills for ongoing trauma are calculated and included in the settlement if they are ongoing at the time of settlement. In addition, if reconstructive surgery is required for disfigurement or scarring, that can also be included in the settlement. 
  • Wages: Unpaid wages are recoverable if you lose them due to being unable to work. Unpaid vacation time may also be taken along with sick leave, which can be recovered. An injured employee can recover the difference in salary if he or she is forced to take a job that pays less because of the injury. As a result of the accident injuries, the wages earned until retirement can be recovered if the person becomes permanently disabled.
  • Pain and suffering: The injured person experiences emotional and physical suffering as well, of course. In addition to the physical trauma, a personal injury claim also compensates for the emotional trauma, such as nightmares, anxiety, depression, etc.  

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