Two Pedestrians Injured in Stockton Hit and Run Crash

Two Pedestrians Injured in Stockton Hit and Run Crash

Two pedestrians suffered injuries on September 25 in Stockton when they were struck by a hit and run driver. According to a representative of the Stockton Police Department, the accident occurred around 8 Mile Road and Davis Road at about 6:20 in the morning. Both of the injured pedestrians were transported to a nearby hospital, where they are receiving treatment and further evaluation of their injuries. However, both are expected to survive. Authorities with the police department are unsure whether the driver was familiar with the pedestrians who were injured or if the actions of the hit and run driver were intentional. Stockton police are investigating the accident to determine how it occurred.

Pedestrian Accidents

Approximately 6,277 pedestrians were killed in 2018. This is an increase in the number killed the year before. On top of that, 129,000 pedestrians were treated in emergency rooms across the country. Since 2008, the number of pedestrian accidents has increased. It is difficult to determine why this trend is taking place. One reason may be that there are more drivers and pedestrians. Other reasons include the increasing numbers of large pickups and SUVs on the road. Not only is it harder for drivers of these vehicles to see pedestrians, but their size means that the walker suffers a more significant impact in an accident. Distracted driving, which has increased as motorists try to multitask, is also seen as a leading cause of such accidents.

Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents are also increasing. Over 60 percent of individuals killed in hit and run accidents are walkers and cyclists. Accidents, where a driver flees the scene, have increased each year. Small children under the age of six and elderly individuals over 80 are less likely to be hit by a hit and run driver. In addition, males are more likely to be involved in a crash with a fleeing driver than females. 

Chances That a Hit and Run Driver Will be Identified

The age of the walker is an integral factor in whether the driver will be identified. A fleeing driver in a crash that involves children 6 to 15 has a 60 percent chance of being found. In accidents where the injured party is 31 to 55 years old, roughly 39 percent of the drivers are located. Older individuals between 76 and 80 are also more likely to identify the perpetrator. 

Liability for a Hit and Run Crash

Who pays for the damages is correlated with whether the driver is found, Even if the person is not able to be identified, you can still be compensated for your loss. If you have car insurance with uninsured motorist coverage (UM), your own insurance will pay. If you do not have this coverage, you can be covered under a family member’s insurance if they live with you and have UM protection. Neither you nor your family member will incur a higher insurance rate because of this usage. 

What an Attorney Can Do for You

In cases involving a hit and run driver, our law firm dispatches our investigative team to the accident site. They interview witnesses to see if they are able to identify the vehicle or driver who caused the accident. Many times, a witness or the injured client will be able to provide us with identifying features of the vehicle such as the make, model, color and the license plate number of the car or truck. We also obtain videos from traffic surveillance cameras to determine how the accident happened and review police reports for accuracy. Once this information has been gathered, we release it to our legal team who work to structure a strong case for compensation

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