Two Killed and Six Injured in Semi Crash on State Route 125


Two Killed and Six Injured in Semi Crash on State Route 125

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento truck accident lawyer. An accident involving two vehicles and a semitruck along California State Route 125 caused the death of two women and injured six others on August 2. The truck driver lost control, crossed the centerline and crashed into both vehicles.

I want to extend my sympathy to the families of the crash victims and the victims themselves for this terrible tragedy.

Details of the Crash

The collision occurred around 2:30 in the afternoon when a semi was entering onto the highway southbound from Interstate 8. At that point, the female truck driver, a Marietta, Georgia, resident, age 34, lost the ability to control the Swift Transportation truck she was driving, hit a metal guardrail and veered into the lanes heading northbound, colliding with a wall that divided the highway. The vehicle kept going along Route 125 and struck a small Chevrolet and a Kia before it jackknifed and stopped alongside the highway.

Accident Fatalities

The woman who was driving the Chevy died instantly from the crash impact, and the second woman in the car passed away at a hospital. They were identified as Nancy Bauerlein, 57, from Ramona and her daughter, Jennifer Thompson-Campbell, age 29. Mrs. Thompson-Campbell would have celebrated her birthday next week.

Accident Injuries

Four individuals suffered traumatic injuries from the crash who were riding in the Kia. They were two adults, one who suffered a broken leg, and two children who were ages six and four. The older child was reported by paramedics to have suffered a broken neck and did not respond when paramedics arrived at the crash site. However, by the time the child reached a hospital, she had begun breathing by herself. She was reported to have spinal injuries after being examined by a physician.

The younger child suffered minor injuries. Paramedics reported that the children’s mother was not injured in the crash and was able to accompany her daughter to the hospital in an ambulance. A spokesman for the California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the younger child had been strapped into a car seat, while the older one had not. Both the semi driver and her passenger were reported as injured in this accident with injuries described as minor or moderate.

Accident Investigation

An investigation team with the CHP is looking into the cause of the accident. Their investigation is including checking the logbooks of the semi driver to see how many hours she had clocked on the road during the last week, and they are evaluating her for drugs and alcohol to see if the driver was impaired at the time of this accident.

Truck Crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that comparing different types of motor transportation, big trucks have a much higher rate of previous crashes as compared with motorcycles, motor vehicles and smaller trucks. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute reports that in collisions between big trucks and motor vehicles, the truck driver is found at fault 27 percent of the time. One problems, causing major injuries and deaths, is bar strength that prevents a motor vehicle from sliding underneath a big truck in a collision. While many big trucks are equipped with underride protection, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that it is inadequate in many accidents. The IIHS has requested that the NHTSA improve safety standards for underride prevention equipment.

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