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May 18, 2021
Edward Smith

Two Occupants of Sedan Sustain Fatal Injuries

Two people were killed on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 11th, in Berkeley, California. They were the driver and passenger of a sedan. Their vehicle collided with another, according to city police. The crash also damaged a utility pole. Police determined from evidence at this scene that this was a high-impact crash.

The incident occurred at around 1:30 p.m. on Marin Avenue, between San Benito Street and Spruce Street. When first responders arrived at the scene, they found that the female passenger was deceased. The male driver of the sedan later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital. The Alameda County Coroner’s Office has recently identified the decedents as 64-year-old Anthony Keith Rollins and 57-year-old Ruby Jean Edwards. Officials said they did not have information on residences for the deceased parties.  

The driver of the other involved vehicle, a female, suffered what was described as moderate injuries and was transported to an area hospital for evaluation and treatment. The second vehicle also was occupied by a child who suffered minor injuries. 

The Aftermath of the High-Impact Crash

The damage to the utility pole resulted in around 1,000 nearby residents losing power for several hours, a spokesperson from Berkeley Police Department (BPD) reported. PG&E was called to the scene to repair the damage and restore power. 

Neighbors were alerted to the crash by the sound of the impact, which was described as one loud bang. 

An officer with BPD remarked that an initial review of the scene revealed that the two involved vehicles came to rest about a block apart from each other, which indicated a high-impact crash. 

Steep Road Coupled with High Speed

Neighbors in the area of the crash have spray-painted a reminder to drive safely near Cragmont Elementary School. Marin Avenue has a steep grade, and that slope coupled with motorists speeding, can be dangerous. Some residents believe it is time for city officials to enact speed enforcement efforts in the area.  

The accident remains under investigation, and any witnesses to the events leading up to the crash are asked to contact Berkeley police. 

Injury Potential in a High-Impact Crash

Collisions that occur when a vehicle is traveling at speeds greater than 30 mph are considered high-impact crashes. They often occur on freeways and highways, but can also happen on surface streets. A street with a steep grade will be more prone to drivers exceeding the speed limit. When there is a high-impact collision, the chance that a vehicle occupant will sustain serious injuries or be killed is higher, and the risk increases as speeds increase. Often, excessive speed contributes to the cause of the accident in addition to the extent of the injuries sustained by the vehicle occupants. 

How Force of Impact is Determined

In the case of this tragic Berkeley crash, scene investigators noted how far apart the vehicles were when they came to rest. This would indicate that the high force of the impact propelled the vehicles backward. Another indicator of impact is the amount of damage caused to the involved vehicles. Auto insurance companies rely on this method to determine the severity of the impact. An insurance adjuster may attempt to say that a person could not have been injured when their vehicle has a relatively low amount of property damage. While that is simply not true, what is true is the fact that the great the impact, the higher the likelihood the vehicle occupants will suffer major injuries. 

Watch the YouTube video. The clip below discusses crash forces involved in collisions.

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