Treatment of Cervical Fractures

Treatment of Cervical Fractures

Treatment of Cervical Fractures

I’m Ed Smith, a Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento. The spine is one of the most critical parts of the body because it protects the spinal cord. The spinal cord runs from the brainstem down the back and towards the pelvis. Damage to the spinal cord can lead to permanent changes in motor and sensory function. Some vital statistics related to spinal cord injuries include:

  • The majority of spinal cord injuries result from either car accidents or fall accidents, totaling about 60% to 65% of all traumas.
  • Around 10% of spinal cord injuries are due to sports.
  • Other causes include violence and uncategorized injuries.

In general, the higher up a spinal cord injury occurs, the more severe it is. For example, damage to the spinal cord near the brainstem has a high chance of being fatal. The top few vertebrae in the spinal cord are called the cervical vertebrae. Injuries to the cervical vertebrae are taken very seriously because of their high rate of illness and death. For many years, bone fractures of the cervical vertebrae have been treated using surgery. During the operation, the vertebrae are stabilized so that they do not tear any of the vital nerves that run through the spinal cord. Nowadays, some of these injuries have been managed without the operating room.

Research Studies: Treatment of Cervical Fractures

A team of medical professionals recently completed an extensive research study comparing the outcomes of cervical fractures that were treated with surgery vs. non-surgery approaches. The researchers compared the death rate of cervical fractures treated with the two treatment approaches. They found that there was not a significant difference between the death rates of the two treatment. The median survival time was not significantly different either. These results demonstrate that non-surgery treatment could be comparable to surgery treatment when it comes to cervical fractures. It is essential to look at each individual case to determine what treatment approach would be best for a patient.

Skipping the Operating Room

When someone has sustained a spinal cord injury, they often assume that they are headed to surgery. However, surgery is sometimes not recommended. Some of the reasons a doctor might not suggest surgery include:

  • Low chance of operative success.
  • High risk of complications, such as infection or blood loss.
  • The patient is not hemodynamically stable enough to receive anesthesia.

There could be other options available in place of surgery. It is essential to discuss all of the options with your doctor before making a decision.

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