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May 21, 2019
Edward Smith

Treatment of a Cerebral Contusion

A cerebral contusion is a bruise on the brain. It is one of the most common types of traumatic brain injuries. Some of the causes of a cerebral contusion include:

  • Striking your head on the window or dashboard in an auto accident.
  • Striking your head on the pavement in a motorcycle or bicycle accident.
  • Striking your head in a slip and fall accident.

All of these mechanisms could result in a contusion of the brain. It is essential for everyone to understand how a cerebral contusion is treated. The time it takes to receive the treatment plays a major role in determining the prognosis.

Emergency Treatment of a Cerebral Contusion

If a severe accident leads to a traumatic brain injury, the first step is to get the correct diagnosis. Some of the signs of a cerebral contusion include:

  • A significant bruise on the side of the skull
  • Severe, recurrent headaches
  • The trouble with vision or hearing
  • Disorientation, confusion, and memory loss

Those presenting with these symptoms will need imaging of their head. This could include a CT scan or an MRI. Some of the immediate treatment options include:

  • Medications to control any swelling taking place inside of the skull
  • Intravenous fluids to maintain blood pressure
  • Additional oxygen if needed

If the brain swells, emergency surgery might be required to prevent a cerebral herniation. Once the person has been stabilized, the long-term recovery can proceed.

The Long Term Recovery

Some people who suffer a brain contusion might be left with long-term complications. This could include:

  • Memory loss
  • Weakness in one or more of the body’s limbs
  • Numbness in some regions of the body
  • Chronic pain
  • Trouble speaking or eating

Those who suffer from these complications should seek assistance from trained medical specialists. These professionals can help those who have suffered a cerebral contusion regain some of their lost motor functions.

Watch YouTube Video: What is a Contusion of the Brain? This short video provides a definition of a brain contusion.

Contacting a Brain Injury Lawyer

Meeting with a brain injury lawyer in Elk Grove can help families with the recovery process. A TBI can create a feeling of uncertainty and confusion regarding the future. A trained legal professional can help families review records, pursue damages, and set themselves up during the recovery process. It is helpful to have an Elk Grove brain injury lawyer serve as a guide during this tough time. Do not face this situation alone. You and your family could be deserving of a financial reward.

Elk Grove Brain Injury Lawyer

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