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Elk Grove Joy Riders Survived Train Crash

Elk Grove Joy Riders Survived Train Crash

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Elk Grove Joy Riders Survived Train Crash

I’m Ed Smith, an Elk Grove personal injury attorney. Two teenagers out for a joyride over the weekend might be in a little trouble this week. The bright side of things may just be that they are both alive.

What Happened?

A freight train plowed into an sport utility vehicle that had gotten stuck atop the railroad tracks in Elk Grove. The force of the impact resulted in the vehicle catching fire, according to personnel of the Cosumnes CSD Fire Department.

What Was the Location of the Crash?

The crash happened in the vicinity of Highway 99 and Eschinger Road, authorities said.  The accident was reported at about 7:35 a.m. on Saturday, August 20, 2016.

Why Did the Sport Utility Vehicle Get Stuck on the Tracks?

The driver of the sport utility vehicle was “joy riding” along with a single passenger in his vehicle. They were proceeding along the right hand side of the railroad tracks. The driver of the sport utility vehicle attempted to cross over the tracks but became stuck on them.

Was Anyone Injured in Crash?

No. Both driver and passenger managed to escape from inside the vehicle. Shortly thereafter, it was struck by a Union Pacific freight train passing through the area, Cosumnes CSD Fire Department personnel said.

The Union Pacific freight train struck the sport utility vehicle and pushed it some 100 yards down the railroad track where it caught fire.

Thankfully, no one was hurt by the impact or the fire that resulted.

The train suffered no significant property damage. It was able to resume its route shortly after the accident was cleared.

2016 Northern California Commuter Train Crash

We seen a serious California train accident happen earlier this year.  In March, the Altamont Corridor Express commuter train derailed after crashing into a fallen tree in the Niles Canyon area located in Alameda County near the town of Sunol. In that horrifying commuter train accident, the lead car actually fell into the Alameda Creek. Four people sustained traumatic injuries while fourteen others suffered moderate to minor injuries.

Railroad Crossing Crashes Trigger Legislation to Raise Federal Funding

Railroad crossing crashes in New York and California have resulted in federal lawmakers introducing legislation to raise federal funding for re-routing and improvements at railroad crossings. There is an area in Oxnard, California where fatal accidents have occurred twice. In fact, five other crashes occurred at the same Oxnard location since the year 2008. The area combines a road intersection and a railroad crossing. Local and state leaders have asked for an overpass to be erected to avoid the hazards so commonly seen in this area over the past decade.

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