Train Accident Avoided by Rancho Cordova Resident

Train Accident Avoided by Rancho Cordova Resident

Rayshawn Jackson, a Rancho Cordova resident, would probably agree that an angel was on his shoulder when he avoided being killed in a train accident on November 3. After falling on the tracks directly in the path of an oncoming train at the Oakland Coliseum BART Station, Supervisor Sean O’Conner became a hero by grabbing Jackson and pulling him back to safety on the platform. Jackson was understandably shaken by the near-miss and decided to spend $200 to hire an Uber to take him home.

Details of the Incident

Jackson, age 33, said that he had gone to an Oakland Raiders game with friends and was at the BART station looking for them because they had gotten separated. As he was talking to one of his friends on his cell phone while waiting for the train, he took a misstep and ended up falling on the tracks just as the train was speeding toward the station. Jackson said he attempted to jump up to get back on the platform to avoid a train accident but missed. In his second attempt to save himself, he felt someone, “like an angel,” pull him off the tracks. 

Further Information About the Near-Miss 

That angel was O’Conner, who was quoted as saying he thought the man would be cut in half by the locomotive and did not want to see him die. It was certainly close to becoming a serious train accident because Jackson said he felt a stream of air from the train on his face and neck as it missed hitting him. Some of the good things that came out of the near-miss are that many people have reached out to Jackson since then. He’s even been invited by the Oakland Raiders to be their guest at their home game on Thursday when they play against the Chargers. Jackson is hoping he will be given a day off from work to attend the game.

Train Accidents

There are many reasons train accidents happen, and some are due to preventable errors. Some of the most common are:

  • Speeding 
  • Conductor error
  • Failure to maintain the loading area
  • Failure to train employees properly
  • Derailments
  • Poor maintenance of trains and tracks
  • Faulty track signals
  • Failure to direct train traffic properly

What Compensation Is Available 

Whether an individual is a passenger on the train or someone in a vehicle or a pedestrian, anyone injured in such an accident has the right to be compensated if negligence is involved. This includes the cost of medical expenses, lost wages, or in a case where someone died, wrongful death damages. 

How an Attorney Can Help

Our firm is experienced in handling the trauma associated with a train accident. Once we are involved, we dispatch our investigators to the accident site. We search the area for clues as to why the accident happened and interview witnesses or anyone involved in the crash. Our investigators also inspect the conductor’s logs to see if mistakes were made as well as those of the train controller. We also check to make sure the train was maintained as needed and whether defects were involved. Once this information is amassed, we release it to our lawyers to build a strong case for our client or their family. 

Rancho Cordova Personal Injury Lawyer

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