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Traffic Injuries Occur During Sacramento Intersection Crash

Watt Avenue Accident Injures at Least One Person in Evening Collision

Traffic injuries to at least one person happened following a Sacramento collision between two vehicles on December 21. The collision occurred along southbound Watt Avenue at its intersection with Edison Avenue around 6:03 in the evening. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP) police report, the accident occurred between a sedan and a Toyota pickup truck. In addition to blocking the number one lane, debris strewed the roadway, causing difficulties for those in traffic. 

One Patient Transported by Sac Fire to Mercy San Juan With Injuries

Major front-end damage occurred to the pickup truck, and it had to be removed by a tow truck. Emergency responders transported one individual with the Sacramento Fire Department to Mercy San Juan Medical Center for chest pain and other injuries. Investigators with the CHP are examining the accident to determine who was at fault and how it happened.

Intersection Accidents

Intersections, due to their complexity, are one of the most common places where traffic injuries occur. Intersections are designed to minimize problems by including well-demarcated lanes, functioning traffic signals, and crosswalks. All of these work to keep motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists safe. 

However, some cities fail to do this by hiring contractors and designers who fall short on the job. This can result in dangerous intersections that lead to traffic injuries. When this happens, the injured party can file a claim against both the government agency and the contractor to cover damages they suffered while in the intersection. This type of claim has a different time limit for filing, and it is essential to follow your injury attorney’s advice. 

How Intersections Are Dangerous

Some of the more common ways intersections are dangerous depend not only on their design but also on driver behaviors. It is mandatory that a driver yields to others in an intersection when they have the right of way. This doesn’t always happen, and traffic injuries and fatalities result. 

One of the most frequent and dangerous moves a driver can make occurs when they run a red light. Red-light runners are responsible for nearly 30 percent of the deaths that occur at an intersection. Passengers in other vehicles make up 46 percent of fatalities alongside 5 percent of cyclists and pedestrians. Other behaviors include speeding, distracted driving, drunk drivers, and fatigue.

Important Factors in an Intersection Accident Investigation

An investigation of an intersection accident requires diligence and know-how. At our firm, we are experienced in determining why an intersection accident occurred and who was at fault. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Using video footage from traffic lights that shows the accident in real-time is used by our investigators to determine how the crash happened.
  • Examining traffic lights to make sure they are functioning properly helps determine if the city agency charged with their upkeep is at fault.
  • Investigating crosswalks for proper timing devices and lights is important because problems in these areas may lead to traffic injuries.
  • Examining lanes for clear lines can help determine if maintenance is performed regularly.
  • Interviewing witnesses who saw the accident will help fill in any gaps in our investigative team’s understanding of the collision.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

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