Traffic Collision Involving Two Vehicles in Rio Linda Resulted in an Injury

One Injury Reported in Two-Vehicle Collision on Dry Creek Road

A traffic collision resulting in an injury in Rio Linda was reported on November 1 that sent one person to the hospital. The crash occurred around 7:30 a.m. along Dry Creek Road, just north of Elkhorn Boulevard, between a GMC Yukon and Toyota pickup. According to the traffic accident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the collision blocked all the southbound lanes along Dry Creek Road. 

One Patient Transported to Hospital With Injuries

Medics with the Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District transported one patient to Mercy San Juan Medical Center for additional treatment and evaluation. The roadway reopened shortly before 9:00 a.m. Local authorities are conducting an investigation into the cause of the traffic collision.

Causes of a Traffic Collision Between Two Vehicles

Two-vehicle accidents are among the most common and occur for a number of reasons. Most of them are caused by driver error, but some occur due to other factors such as a problem with the vehicle or neglect of a roadway. Some of the more common reasons for a traffic collision of this type include:

  • Speeding is a major cause of all types of traffic collisions. Because a driver who is speeding has less control over their vehicle and requires a longer distance to stop, it can easily cause an accident.
  • Distracted driving is another major cause of accidents. Distractions such as texting, changing a radio station, conversing with passengers while driving, and others cause that momentary hesitation to react in an emergency situation.
  • Fatigued driving has become more common as people work swing shifts or have multiple jobs. A fatigued driver has been compared to someone behind the wheel of a car, who is inebriated because their reactions are similar.
  • Drunk driving presents hazards to others sharing the road even though massive efforts to curtail this menace have been instituted. A drunk driver cannot hold to a steady speed, weaves in the road and is responsible for the majority of head-on collisions.

Investigation of a Traffic Collision

An injury lawyer’s job is to represent their client in obtaining fair compensation from an at-fault party. They do this by conducting an investigation to gather the evidence needed to support the client’s injury claim. Some of the techniques used to uncover that needed evidence include:

  • The police report is examined for mistakes, and witnesses to the traffic collision are interviewed.
  • The investigators conduct accident reconstruction. By showing the initial positioning of the vehicles, how the traffic collision occurred and where the vehicles impacted and ended up, it can point toward which driver was at fault.
  • If there are business or traffic cameras in the area, those are examined by the investigators to determine if the collision was captured on video. If it was, this evidence can be subpoenaed to support the client’s compensation claim.

Our injury lawyers take the gathered evidence and use it to construct a strong case that helps our client obtain the compensation they deserve. Over the years, we’ve successfully handled many of these claims.

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