Traffic Accident in South Sacramento Results in Moderate Injuries

Accident on Southbound Highway 99 Causes Injuries When Two Vehicles Collide

A traffic accident in South Sacramento occurred on February 14 that resulted in moderate injuries to one person. The crash happened along southbound Highway 99 between Florin and Mack roads in the HOV lane just past Florin. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the traffic accident required help from the Sacramento Fire Department to extricate one person from their vehicle. That patient was then transported to a hospital with what were described as moderate injuries. 

Further Information About the South Sacramento Traffic Accident

Tow truck operators arrived at the South Sacramento accident scene to help clear the roadway and remove the vehicles. An investigation into the cause of the traffic accident and into which driver was at fault is underway by the CHP. 

Reasons for HOV Lanes 

HOV lanes, also referred to as carpool lanes, are established to reduce traffic congestion during peak periods of travel. They also have other purposes. For example, they help commuters save money and cut down on the stress associated with driving to work every day. In addition, they promote mass transit by giving commuters a transportation choice and use the infrastructure more efficiently. 

HOV Lanes in California

Laws in California have established guidelines required for the use of HOV lanes. For instance, the following vehicles are permitted to use HOV lanes:

  • Motorcycles
  • Vehicles with two or more occupants
  • Fuel-efficient cars bearing a green or white decal that was obtained through the California DMV
  • Buses and other public transit vehicles

Under California Vehicle Code 21655.5, anyone driving alone in an HOV lane can be fined in the neighborhood of $490 per offense. However, points are not added to the operator of the motor vehicle’s driving record since it is not considered a moving violation. In addition, a driver who tries to beat traffic by crossing over into an HOV lane will also be fined.

Traffic Crashes in HOV Lanes

The majority of traffic accidents in HOV lanes are rear-end collisions. This happens when a vehicle traveling at a slower speed attempts to merge with faster-moving cars. On occasion, drivers attempt to use the HOV lane to pass vehicles in their lanes. 

Driver error is also involved when motorists in an HOV lane try to exit that lane. Because they are usually moving at a faster speed than the adjacent lane, it often causes a collision. 

Serious Accidents in the HOV Lane

Since buses are allowed to use HOV lanes, rear-end collisions can be catastrophic for those in the lead vehicle. Also, since traffic in the HOV lane is moving at a higher speed, the impact of a rear-end collision with a passenger vehicle by another car can cause traumatic injuries. 

Investigating an HOV Traffic Accident

At our firm, we send our investigative team to the scene of an HOV traffic accident. This is critical to ensure a successful resolution to our client’s case. Once there, the investigators:

  • Interview witnesses to the crash
  • Obtain videos taken by other drivers and traffic surveillance cameras
  • Use accident reconstruction to determine liability
  • Review police reports for inaccuracies since they are widely used in negotiations with insurance companies and civil court
  • Observe the area for maintenance problems, lack of lighting, and proper signage to ensure safety

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