Tractor-Trailer Crash Occurs on Rancho Cordova Off-Ramp

Sunrise Boulevard Off-Ramp Accident Occurs Between Semi and Sedan

A tractor-trailer crash with a sedan occurred near Rancho Cordova on February 3. The collision happened on the Sunrise Boulevard off-ramp just north of westbound U.S. 50 in the Gold River area at around 10:42 a.m. It was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) that a big rig car hauler collided with a Mercedes E-Class sedan. 

Off-Ramp From U.S. 50 Blocked by Tractor-Trailer Crash

The Mercedes blocked the off-ramp, and the big rig was found along the right-hand side. Although emergency responders with the fire department were called to the scene, no additional information was provided on possible injuries that occurred in the crash. An investigation by the CHP into the cause of the collision is being conducted.

Causes of a Tractor-Trailer Crash Along an Off-Ramp

A tractor-trailer crash along an off-ramp is a frequent occurrence and can often result in major property damage, injury and even death. While there is no single cause for these accidents, the most common reasons include driver error, vehicle malfunction, environmental conditions and road design issues such as:

  • Driver error: Drivers of tractor-trailers may be inexperienced or lack the proper training to navigate difficult off-ramp scenarios. They may also be impaired by drugs, alcohol or fatigue, leading to errors in judgment and reaction time while navigating a turn at an off-ramp.
  • Vehicle malfunction: When a tractor-trailer has faulty brakes, tires, steering or other components, it can easily lead to an accident along an off-ramp. Poor maintenance of the vehicle is a common underlying cause of these accidents as well.
  • Environmental conditions: Weather can be a major factor in tractor-trailer accidents along off-ramps. Rain, snow and ice can limit visibility and make the road surface slippery. Even strong winds can make it difficult for a driver to safely maneuver their trailer around an off-ramp. Speed during inclement weather is also a consideration since off-ramps are narrow for a big rig and maneuvering is more difficult.
  • Road design issues: Poorly designed roads and off-ramps may be too narrow or steep, making them difficult to navigate with a large tractor-trailer. In some cases, visibility of oncoming traffic may be limited due to the design of the road. Additionally, a lack of guardrails and other safety features can put tractor-trailers at risk for crashing along an off-ramp. When road design or maintenance is an issue that leads to a tractor-trailer crash, the government entity charged with these duties may be held liable for any injuries. A claim must be filed against the government entity within six months. For this reason, getting the assistance of an accident attorney may be advisable. In addition, the attorney can negotiate your claim for you with the entity in charge to help you obtain maximum compensation. 

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