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Tires Can Cause Serious Injuries

Tires Can Cause Serious Injuries

Tires Can Cause Serious Injuries

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer. Motor vehicles need to be maintained to preserve both its efficiency and longevity. One of the parts of this management is making sure that the tires are rotated and changed regularly. While tires are important for preserving the life of a vehicle, they can also cause some serious injuries.

Tires are important because they provide a cushion between the wheel rim and the road. This cushion is responsible for making sure that the metal on the wheels do not corrode and that the friction between the wheels and the road does not lead to a fire. As a vehicle drives, the friction between tires and the road can cause the rubber on tires to heat up. Tires that have been filled beyond their pressure capacity also have the potential to explode. If this happens, this can send a vehicle careening out of control towards other cars and obstacles in the surrounding area. Most people have also seen fragments of tires laying on the road from this exact event. The rubber that is used to make tires is actually quite hard, and if this rubber gets sucked under a vehicle, it can do some significant damage to the undercarriage. Finally, tires that have had their treads worn out can be dangerous as well. If the treads are gone, a car may not be able to handle water very well, leading to hydroplaning. Lack of treads can also increase the distance required to stop, increasing the risk of suffering an auto accident.

A Review: Serious Injuries Can Occur

An article was published reviewing some of the serious injuries that someone can suffer from tire damage. They include:

  • Lacerations: When tires are built, they are made with treads on the surface that are there to filter water on a wet road and also grip the pavement so a car can stop. These treads are also sharp and have the potential to cause cuts and scrapes. This can happen when someone runs over treads that are on the road or if a tire bursts and strikes people as a result.
  • Eye Damage: Many injuries from tires occur when someone is trying to inflate a tire. It is important to inflate tires when they are cool because trying to inflate tires that are warm increases their propensity to burst and explode. When people put air in a warm tire, the rubber is more pliable, meaning it stretches easier. If it stretches too much, the tire will burst. An exploding tire can strike someone in the face and fragments of rubber can damage someone’s eyes. This could lead to damage to the retina or cornea, causing significant pain while also making it difficult to see. If these injuries aren’t treated promptly, the eye damage could be permanent.
  • Burn Injuries: Tires that explode are clearly hot, meaning that they can cause burn injuries. Hot rubber has the potential to cause serious damage to the skin and nerves underneath. If the tire explodes, it is easy for someone to get showered in hot rubber, causing burn injuries all over someone’s body. Burn injuries can vary markedly in their severity. However, these can also leave someone permanently scarred.

Watch YouTube Video. Are Your Tires Rotting? This video explains a common safety issue with a tire dry rot.

Medical Care of Traumatic Burns

There are many different types of burn injuries, and all of them require medical attention. A first-degree burn leaves a painful, red mark on the skin. Someone who suffers a first-degree burn can run the site under cool (not cold) water until the pain goes away. Second and third-degree burns are much more severe. A second-degree burn causes the skin to blister. If these blisters rupture, this can make the site prone to infection. These are also accompanied by severe pain. Third-degree burns damage the nerves, blood vessels, and tissues underneath. Because of the nerve damage, an individual may not feel any pain at all. Second and third-degree burns require the attention of medical professionals to preserve as much tissue as possible while trying to also prevent infection.

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