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Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding in the Fall

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October 14, 2017
Edward Smith


Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding in the Fall

The fall season is upon us, which increases the danger for motorcyclists. Here are some essential tips for safe motorcycle riding in the fall.

Be on the Lookout for Deer

One of the most important tips we can offer is to be on the lookout for deer. October, November, and December are prime mating months for deer. This is why you see an increased presence wherever you go, especially driving at night in Fresno. You must be mindful of deer and always wear your protective gear, including a helmet. Be sure you routinely check the sides of the road for any deer who might be grazing.

Avoid Wet Leaves

Wet leaves are a problem in the fall for all vehicles, and motorcycles are no different. Motorcycles are more at risk for wet leaves due to only having two wheels. Riding over wet leaves can cause your tires to have less traction, leading to your bike skidding across the roadway. Even though the “fall colors” are beautiful to look at while on your bike, leaves can become quite a hazard on the roads. Leaves can also obscure potholes and other hazards you might not see when riding your bike.

Wear Your Leather Gear

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a ride on a motorcycle during the fall season. The air is crisp, cool, and much more enjoyable than the heat of the summer months. Make sure you wear your leather gear during the fall season. It will protect you from road rash in the event of an accident and keep your body at a comfortable temperature. Leather will also help protect your body from the wind.

Brush Up Your Skills

It’s possible that you haven’t taken your bike out for a ride in quite some time. Now that the cooler fall weather is here, you’re ready to return and enjoy all that Fresno and the surrounding areas offer. Before heading out on an adventure, brushing up on your riding skills is best. You should practice safety as much as possible; it could save your life one day. Practice maneuvers and braking at slow speeds before going for a ride.

Check the Lights

Now more than ever, it’s vital that you check the lights on your motorcycle. The days are much shorter, so you will likely be caught riding in the dark. You should ensure that your headlight and brake lights all work before every ride. This two-minute safety check can save your life.

Change Tires

You likely had sporty tires installed on your motorcycle for the summer weather. These tires are unsuitable for riding in colder temperatures because they don’t provide enough traction. Switch the tires to touring tires so you get better traction when riding in California’s cooler temperatures and wet climates this fall season.

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