Tips on How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Tips on How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

Tips on How to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

I’m Ed Smith, a Rancho Cordova motorcycle accident lawyer. No motorcycle rider wants to be involved in a crash but they happen. Learn what the biggest dangers are to motorcycle riders and how to avoid them.

Making a Panic Stop

Locking your front wheel in a panic stop is a good way to get yourself tossed from your bike, especially since 70 percent of your braking power is in the front wheel. There are two ways to handle this situation. One is to get a bike with anti-lock brakes. That lowers the risk. The other way is to take a motorcycle safety course that can prepare you for this dangerous situation.

Taking a Corner at Too Fast a Speed

This is a particular danger when traveling on an unfamiliar road or when a rider is new to riding a motorcycle. Stay within the speed limit, and always slow down on corners and sharp curves.

Car Doors Opening Near Path of Motorcyclist

Motorists opening car doors in the path of a motorcycle have been an ongoing problem for many years. While motorists are required to look for traffic when opening a door, they sometimes don’t, or they fail to see someone on a motorcycle. Visibility in poor weather can also be a problem. Staying away from the far right lane when possible can help avoid this type of collision.

Drinking and Riding

Not only is it illegal to drunk drive, it adversely affects the body, it also affects the brain. According to, a BAC level of 0.08 affects coordination, slows your reaction time and affects vision. It also impairs judgment and the drinker’s ability to concentrate.

Other Drivers

Motorcycle riders are faced with dangers daily from motorists cutting in front, speeding, tailgating and changing lanes without signaling. When another driver is inattentive, even at a slow speed, a collision can have disastrous consequences for the motorcycle rider. Trying to maintain distance from other vehicles and staying vigilant is necessary.

Road Hazards

Even an experienced rider can be involved in an accident from gravel, potholes, and debris or spilled substances on the roadway. Since government entities are responsible for the upkeep of roads, a driver seriously injured by a road hazard can obtain compensation if documentation is sufficient. However, the statute of limitations is much shorter when filing against the government, so an attorney experienced in this type of claim is necessary.

Weather Conditions

Motorcycle riders know that riding in the rain comes with its own hazards as other drivers neglect to slow down and water is splashed onto the rider. Snow, ice, and fog are even worse because it’s difficult to maintain traction, and a motorcyclist may be even less visible. In bad weather conditions, it is more important to be highly visible and drive at a slower speed. According to Survivopedia, wearing the proper clothing, sturdy boots and helmet and planning in advance can help.

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