Three Phase Laurel Road Expansion Will Start Soon

Three Phase Laurel Road Expansion Will Start Soon

Three Phase Laurel Road Expansion Will Start Soon

Three Phase Laurel Road Expansion Will Start Soon. A road expansion project on one of Oakley’s major thoroughfares will be undergoing construction soon. Laurel Road, a major arterial street that also connects directly to Highway 4, is being redesigned to facilitate better traffic flows. Once completed, this project is expected to benefit motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. This road expansion is going to be broken down into three phases and is expected to be fully completed by fall 2019.

A portion of Laurel Road just east of O’Hara Avenue by Laurel Ballfields Park is going to expand from its current two-lane system to a four-lane system, stretching from Cloverbrook Avenue until Main Street. So while there is currently one lane per direction, there will be two lanes per direction following the project’s completion. This roadway change is anticipated to relieve road congestion and reduce traffic jams on one of the busiest thoroughfares in Oakley.

The Three Phases Explained

The 0.6 mile widening of Laurel Road is a three-step project which will begin later this year. In phase one, a traffic light will be added at the Rose Avenue intersection. The traffic light will replace the current four-way stop sign, which is known for causing congested traffic during busy commute times in the morning and afternoon hours. The second phase involves road construction starting at the immediate area surrounding Cloverbrook Avenue going east towards Mellowood Drive, taking up only a 0.3-mile stretch. The third and final phase will widen the 0.25-mile road from Mellowood Drive heading east until arriving at the intersection with Main Street.

Laurel Road Information

With more than 10,000 vehicles occupying the street in just one day, Laurel Road functions as the primary connection for drivers between Oakley and Highway 4. In the last decade, multiple sections of Laurel Road have seen an increase from two to four lanes total, to compensate for the increasing flows of traffic. The three-phase project has been a plan for a while now but was delayed because WAPA and PG&E power poles need to be properly relocated. According to Oakley City Assistant Manager Nancy Marquez-Suarez, the federal power agencies have officially agreed to transfer the power poles. The pole movement should begin within 45 days.

While the Laurel Road expansion project is intent on improving traffic conditions from Cloverbrook Avenue until Main Street, there is a bigger underlying project in mind. Unfortunately, the overall goal to transform the entire 2.8 mile stretch from Main Street to Highway 4 into four lanes is not yet complete. There is one section of Laurel Road that the City of Oakley has yet to obtain from the current property owner. Marquez-Suarez said that they remain hopeful for the property owner’s future cooperation, which remains one of the last barriers from making all of Laurel Road a four-lane roadway.

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Three Phase Laurel Road Expansion Will Start Soon:

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