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Three Injured in Redding Auto Accident

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July 20, 2019
Edward Smith

Three Injured in Redding Auto Accident

Three people suffered injuries during a car accident that happened in Redding recently. The collision reportedly involved two vehicles and took place in the early evening. While all three people involved in the accident were transported to the hospital to be given medical care, officials say that their injuries were not severe. Redding Police Department (RPD) officers are still investigating the collision.

Crash Details

According to officers, the accident happened at around 5:00 p.m. on Victor Street in a residential area on the southeast side of the city. A mini-van had been driving north on Victor at what officials say was a reasonable speed. A white car reportedly pulled in front of the mini-van in order to make a left turn onto Vega Street from Victor. The driver and passenger of the white car reportedly told officers that they did not see the van before attempting to turn. The two vehicles ultimately collided inside of the intersection, with the front end of the van striking the driver’s side of the smaller vehicle.

Responders were sent to the crash site immediately. When they arrived, officers found that the driver of the van and both of the white car’s occupants had suffered injuries. The specific nature of their injuries was not reported, but first responders noted that they expected all parties to return home after their treatment at the hospital.

Recovering from Collision Injuries

Car accident injuries are often serious and can drastically change the way people live their lives. Even injuries that may not be life-threatening such as fractured ankles, cervical sprains, or minor head trauma can make it difficult to live your daily life, and many people are even left unable to continue working temporarily or permanently. Paying for medical treatment can be difficult, especially if your injury has made it hard for you to earn money. However, injured parties are often able to get payments for their damages by filing a personal injury claim.

Because car accidents can be stressful events, many people want to put off contacting a lawyer and beginning the process of claiming compensation. However, negligent parties are usually quick to begin working to defend themselves from liability. Having a lawyer early on in a personal injury case can be critical to receiving the compensation that you deserve.

How to Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

One of the main reasons that crash survivors delay calling an attorney is that they are unsure of how they can find a lawyer who has the right skills and experience to successfully handle their case. This is a legitimate concern, as many attorneys will take on cases they aren’t truly prepared for. To learn how to find the right attorney for your needs, see the following video:

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