Three Fatally Injured During Oroville Auto Accident

Three Fatally Injured in Oroville Auto Accident

On Monday, February 22, 2021, three people sadly lost their lives in an Oroville auto accident. The incident was reported by the Oroville Police Department (OPD), who stated that it happened in the early afternoon and involved two passenger vehicles. At this time, the Butte County Sheriff’s Office is withholding the identities of all three decedents pending the notification of their families. Additionally, a fourth individual was hospitalized as a result of the crash.

Collision Information

According to Oroville Public Safety Director Joe Deal, the collision happened at around 2:00 p.m. on Larkin Road. Specific details regarding the circumstances of the incident have not been reported. However, Deal indicated that all four injured parties had been occupants of the same vehicle and that the accident was a head-on crash.


Officials were contacted about the accident shortly after it occurred, and multiple agencies assisted with emergency response. Responding agencies reportedly included OPD as well as the California Highway Patrol, Oroville Fire Department, Chico Police Department, California State Parks, and the Butte County Sheriff’s Office.

According to police, the roadway was closed to traffic for around three hours during accident response and preliminary investigations.

Investigation of Oroville Auto Accident

OPD has stated that they are currently working to determine the causal factors of this tragic collision. However, investigating officers haven’t reported whether or not there are any suspected causes at this time. Frequently, fatal collisions are complicated and, in many cases, are caused by one or more factors not under the control of either driver. For instance, a vehicle’s steering system, tires, or brakes may malfunction, or a roadway may have inadequate signage or severely damaged pavement. In both cases, a third party may share liability for the collision.

Private Investigations are Important

Fully investigating a fatal collision is a difficult job. When police do not have access to decedent testimony, they may never be able to get a full picture of what caused the accident. Unfortunately, this can lead to investigators overlooking important collision evidence, potentially leaving families without the ability to claim fair compensation from negligent parties.

To ensure an accident receives a thorough investigation, you should seek help from an Oroville wrongful death lawyer with ample experience conducting private collision investigations. Your attorney can help you by using their resources to investigate the accident while prioritizing you and your family.

Finding a Great Lawyer

Wrongful death claims provide families with critical compensation that can help them have financial stability during a very difficult time. Because these claims are so important, it is equally important to know that your attorney is competent and able to effectively handle your claim. Fortunately, it’s easy to look for skilled, experienced lawyers if you know how. To read more about finding a great attorney, watch the following video:


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