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Thoracostomy in an Auto Accident

Thoracostomy in an Auto Accident

Thoracostomy in an Auto Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento. Someone who suffers chest trauma in an auto accident could require surgical intervention. One of the procedures that medical professionals might perform is called a thoracostomy. A recent case report served as an example of the benefits and dangers that a thoracostomy can present. The report described a severe injury that a young driver received in a car accident. While driving down the interstate, his car hit a concrete barrier and spun out. In the process of spinning, his vehicle was struck in the driver’s door. The window shattered, and the driver suffered numerous serious injuries. Because of the severe nature of the accident, EMS was called. On evaluation, they realized that he had experienced chest trauma and was struggling to breathe. He was taken to a nearby hospital for further evaluation. On arrival, he was found to have a collapsed lung. A chest tube was placed to remove the trapped air and re-inflate the lung, a procedure called a tube thoracostomy. Sadly, further problems developed.

Dangers of a Thoracostomy

Shortly after re-inflating the lung, the gentleman’s heart rate started to rise, and his blood pressure began to fall. He was placed on medications and provided with extra blood. He was taken for further imaging and was discovered to have a rare anatomical defect involving his blood vessels. When the chest tube was placed, this defect was actually punctured, leading to significant blood loss. The patient was rushed to the operating room so that the bleeding could be stopped and the mistake could be repaired. Fortunately, this individual made a full recovery and was able to return home. This case report shows just how dangerous any medical procedure can be. Every process has risks and, while some are necessary, others can be avoided. It is always important to have a full patient evaluation before initiating any procedure because this can help prevent complications from occurring.

Help from a Lawyer

Once someone has recovered from a severe complication involving a medical procedure, it is essential to look at the entire picture. A thorough investigation of the accident should be performed, and medical records should be reviewed. For assistance as with this, meeting with a car accident attorney in Sacramento is a good idea. An experienced lawyer can help walk a family through their options, helping them assess the situation and make a decision that is in their best interests.

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