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The Path to Becoming a Smart and Safe Motorcyclist

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December 25, 2017
Edward Smith


The Path to Becoming a Smart and Safe Motorcyclist

Some people are introduced to motorcycles at a young age, while others don’t discover the joys of motorcycle riding until they’re adults. When you decide to learn how to ride a motorcycle, it should not be taken lightly because knowledge and experience will save your life. Below are a few tips to ensure you are fully prepared to ride safely and smartly.

Tips For Prospective Motorcyclists

  •  Take a motorcycle instruction class: For adults interested in motorcycles, you may consider enrolling in a Motorcycle Training Course administered by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as a part of their California Motorcyclist Safety Program. This course will give you both classroom and riding instruction. While it is mandatory for riders under 21, it is highly encouraged for all ages!
  • Learn about protective gear: In California, wearing a helmet is mandatory. However, many other forms of safety gear are optional, so it would be best to familiarize yourself with these items early on. Items that can potentially save your life from a motorcycle injury include special gloves, jackets, pants, and ankle boots.
  • Take safety precautions in the beginning: The Highway Loss Data Institute collected data that revealed most motorcyclists are at increased risk of getting into an accident in their first 30 days on the road. Obeying traffic laws and proceeding cautiously in your first month is crucial to your safety.
  • Acquire the proper mindset: While riding your motorcycle, you must always stay extremely alert. Riding on a busy road can be dangerous, and there’s no room for inattentiveness. If you recently fought with a loved one, had a bad day at work, didn’t get much sleep the night before, or have low energy, you may be in the wrong mindset and should think twice before riding.
  • Know your motorcycle from head-to-toe: Tire pressure must be checked weekly to bi-weekly. Motorcycle braking systems also need to be inspected regularly. Make sure your battery is charged before you go on a ride. Use a reliable lubricant to ensure your chain or belt remains in good shape.
  • Respect others on the road: There are many unspoken rules of the motorcycle culture, and the main one is to acknowledge your fellow motorists and drivers. If you see someone parked off the road, check to make sure they’re alright if it is safe. The rules of the road expect you to respect all drivers you interact with.

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