The Most Common Places to Get in a Car Accident

The Most Common Places to Get in a Car Accident

The Most Common Places to Get in a Car Accident

I’m Ed Smith, an Oakley Personal Injury Lawyer. The nature of car accidents makes them completely unpredictable. There are no methods to accurately forecast or prevent them. Despite the spontaneous nature of crashes, there are some transparent patterns regarding where and when they tend to occur – and being aware of these trends can help decrease the chances of getting into an accident. Below, I will discuss a handful of common car accident scenarios and what can be done in these situations to keep yourself (and others) safe.


Despite what you may expect, the fact is that a high percentage of accidents tend to happen close to home. A 2004 study from Progressive Insurance revealed that roughly 52% of all accidents occur within 5 miles from home. This could be caused by our brain’s tendency to drive on autopilot when we are traveling on familiar roads; we are most likely to zone out and use our muscle memory when driving in areas that we know well. To avoid relying on your muscle memory, find ways to stay alert while driving. If you can keep your mental faculties active, you will be in better shape to make safer driving decisions.

Daily Commutes

In large metropolitan cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, some people spend multiple hours every day in traffic. It is not uncommon for commuters to attempt to multitask while they’re stuck in traffic – applying makeup, eating lunch, and messing with the radio station are all common behaviors. Long commutes can also leave people feeling mentally exhausted from either waking up early or going home after a very long day at work. The risks of getting into an auto accident during rush hour can be reduced by switching lanes as minimally as possible.

Parking Lots

Parking lots can be a stress-filled environment for many drivers, especially when you have too many cars and not enough parking spaces. It could be argued that the majority of low-speed accidents happen in parking lots. The good news is that parking lot fender-benders rarely lead to severe injuries. On the other hand, the resulting vehicle damages that may occur can cost large sums of money to repair. When you are driving in a parking lot, make sure that you slow down (about 5 – 10 mph) and proceed with caution. In addition, always check what’s happening around you – make use of your rear view mirrors, your side mirrors, and turn your head to check your blind spots.

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