The Importance of Splinting a Femur Fracture

The Importance of Splinting a Femur Fracture

A femur fracture is among the most common injuries in a traumatic accident. There are numerous ways in which someone might suffer a fracture of the femur. Because of how large the femur is, a tremendous amount of force is needed to cause a fracture. Some of the most common ways in which someone could suffer a femur fracture include:

  • A serious car accident where someone’s legs are trapped at the front of the vehicle or pinned against the door.
  • Slip and fall injuries, particularly those from a great height such as a tumble from a roof.
  • Injuries that are sustained while playing sports.
  • Other accidents including motorcycle and bicycle accidents.

One of the first steps following any severe accident is to assess everyone for injuries. Those who are complaining of leg pain or who are having a hard time walking need to be evaluated for a possible femur fracture. This is a serious injury which may have life-threatening complications.

The Purpose of a Splint with a Femur Fracture

If an individual suffers a severe bone fracture, one of the first steps is to take measures to reduce the chances of further damage occurring. In a femur fracture, fragments of bone are capable of coming loose and causing damage to surrounding structures. This includes:

  • The femoral artery
  • Ligaments of the knee
  • The femoral nerve
  • The heads of the quadriceps muscle

To prevent fragments of bone from damaging these structures, and to prevent the bone from moving out of place, a splint is applied to the femur. To splint the bone, a hard object is tied to the edge of the leg. This could be a stretcher, a rod, or a piece of wood. The femur is then braced against this object, being tied down with ropes or straps. This prevents the femur from moving.

After the Splint is in Place

Once the splint is secured and the leg is unable to move, the individual can be taken to the medical center for further evaluation. The splint should prevent the leg from moving while en route, helping to reduce the amount of pain. On arrival, imaging is typically performed to get a better view of what has happened to the leg. If imaging shows that the femur has not been displaced from its typical anatomical location, the splint could be removed, and a cast might be applied. If the femur has been displaced, then the splint might be left in place until the individual goes to the operating room. Then, surgery is used to place the femur back in the correct alignment.

Watch YouTube Video: Emergency Medical Care: How to Splint a Fracture of the Lower Leg. In this video, an emergency medical technician provides tips on splinting a lower leg fracture.

Contacting a Femur Fracture Lawyer

A femur fracture is a serious injury that could require surgery to correct. This can leave families wondering what they should do next. This is where a discussion with a Sacramento femur fracture lawyer can be helpful. Some of the ways an injury attorney could help include:

  • Reviewing the records from the accident to ensure that all details have been considered.
  • Serving as an objective presence to help families make tough decisions.
  • Taking a case to trial when needed.

Families need to know that they are not alone. Meeting with a femur fracture lawyer in Sacramento can help families find answers. You could be owed a financial award.

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