The Benefits of Moving Following the Loss of a Loved One

 The Benefits of Moving Following the Loss of a Loved One

The Benefits of Moving Following the Loss of a Loved One

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento wrongful death lawyer. Losing someone you love can be overwhelming.  You may feel your grief will never end, and knowing how to begin your days surrounded by memories can make healing feel impossible.  Sometimes a change of scenery can help you rebuild your life. Read more from our guest blogger, Lucille Rosetti below.

Self-Care is Vital

Your entire world is in upheaval.  It’s an important time to tend your needs before you can evaluate how you will move forward.  According to some experts, this is a vital time to make sure you are eating nutritious, well-rounded meals.  Stay active and engaged in an exercise routine, and ensure you are getting enough sleep.  Don’t allow yourself to become rundown.

Time for a New Beginning

When you feel ready, you might explore the idea of moving into a new home.  Perhaps the home you are in houses too many memories, or it’s simply more house than you need.  Whatever your motivation, make sure it’s your decision.  Some professionals suggest well-meaning friends and family members may attempt to label you somewhat permanently as a grieving widow or widower, or they may not look at you as embracing a fresh start.  Don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty or push you into a decision that doesn’t feel right for you.

Financial Matters

Whether you’re downsizing to a more manageable home or moving to be closer to family members, this may be a good time to discuss your decision with a financial advisor.  Sometimes moving can impact your estate plans, or you may feel burdened by the complexity of the decision and how it will affect your budget.  According to The Charlotte Observer, it’s important to find a professional who provides consultation services but isn’t trying to sell your products as well.

Lifestyle Choices

Remember your move impacts your overall lifestyle.  Don’t think of making the decision as separate and slide it mentally into its own category.  It’s a holistic choice and can mean changing how you live your daily life.  For instance, you may want to be within walking distance of a farmer’s market, or you might prefer a condo where maintenance is included in your fees.  Perhaps you’re interested in taking advantage of public transportation services.  Consider what will make your life more enjoyable in the grand scheme of things, and see this as an opportunity to pursue those changes.  You might find consulting a real estate agent beneficial as you weigh your options.

When Children are Involved

Moving is hard on kids, and it’s especially difficult if you’re moving during the school year.  According to Psychology Today, their behavior may plummet.  They may become sullen, inattentive, or hyperactive.  A big part of their difficulty may be leaving behind friends, so encourage kids to stay connected.  Thankfully, even with moving across the country this is easier than ever.  Take advantage of technology to allow your children to maintain important friendships.  They can connect with their friends via cell phones, live chat apps, or video games.

Simplify the Move

You’re in a phase of life where it’s especially helpful to keep things simple, stress-free, inexpensive and easy.  The professionals at Redfin offer these great tips for keeping your move positive and pleasant:

  • Rely on friends and family for the move if you possibly can.  Communicate with your helpers so they know what to expect.

  • Be completely packed and organized ahead of moving day.  A good friend can help with this process, too.

  • Provide sustenance on moving day!  Offer donuts for the morning run and pizza in the new place.

  • Rent a moving truck that is big enough for your belongings.  You and everyone else will appreciate making the move in one trip.

New Scenery, New Start

Losing someone you love changes your entire life.  If it’s time to start fresh in a new place, weigh options and needs carefully, and simplify the event as much as possible.  Whatever your decisions, ensure you tend your needs and embrace your new life.

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