Tesla Recall of Model S Vehicles

Tesla Recall of Model S Vehicles

Tesla Recall of Model S Vehicles

I’m Ed Smith, a wrongful death lawyer in Sacramento. Although no crashes or injuries have been reported, Tesla has issued an enormous recall of their Model S vehicles. It was reported that the bolts for the power steering tended to corrode in cold weather conditions, making the vehicles more difficult to steer at lower speeds.

Tesla Recalls

The voluntary recall of the Model S by the automobile maker affects 123,000 vehicles, all of which were built before April 2016. The automaker previously issued two other recalls. In November 2015, it recalled about 90,000 of the Model S cars due to seat belts that were faulty. The recall was issued because of one report from Europe that the seat belts in one vehicle had been improperly assembled. In 2017, the automaker issued a recall notice for 53,000 of its Model X and Model S vehicles. This issue was because of a report of possible problems with the vehicles’ parking brakes where the brakes would not release. Although the recall was massive, it was expected to affect only around 5 percent of the cars. Tesla replaced those parking brakes whether there was an issue found or not.

Watch YouTube Video ~ Tesla Recall: Electric carmaker issues Model S recall.

Bolt Failure Possible

In the most recent recall, according to Tesla, if the steering column bolt failed, the driver would still be able to steer the vehicle. However, it would require increased force with lower speeds and while attempting to parallel park. The failure of the bolt would not affect the vehicle at higher speeds. Owners of the recalled Model S cars were advised that they could continue to drive their vehicles if they were not experiencing any issues. Retrofits will be provided for the recalled vehicles.

Self-Driving Car Accidents

Accident injuries or fatalities caused by defective parts in autonomous vehicles fall under auto products liability. Because this is a new technology and can be complex, a Sacramento Tesla accident lawyer can help if you are involved in a crash involving this type of vehicle. While autonomous vehicles can offer numerous advantages such as removing the dangers of drunk drivers from the road, it is a technology still in the experimental stage. Among the different types of car accidents, particularly in a vehicle that is self-driving, it may not contain foot pedals or a steering wheel. This does not give the human driver an opportunity to take control of the vehicle in an emergency situation.

Injuries and Deaths Caused by Autonomous Vehicles

An accident involving a self-driving vehicle can cause serious injuries, ranging from traumatic brain injuries and burns to broken bones and spinal cord damage. Any of these types of injuries can mean a long period of hospitalization and recuperation with a resulting financial loss. If a wrongful death is caused by a malfunction in a self-driving vehicle, the family might recover the following damages:

  • Loss of inheritance
  • Expenses for the burial and funeral
  • Loss of financial support for the future
  • Household services loss
  • Loss of consortium, affection, comfort and moral support
  • Loss of parental guidance, training, and care

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