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Tanker Truck Overturns in Nevada City Crash

Single-Vehicle Big Rig Accident Causes Partial Rollover

A gas tanker truck was involved in a single-vehicle crash in Nevada City on June 14 when it went off the roadway and partially overturned. The collision occurred along westbound Highway 20 between Nevada Street and Harmony Ridge around 11:37 in the morning. The driver was reportedly going around a curve at a slow speed. However, the rear duals on the trailer exited the roadway during the turn, which made it end up in a culvert and against an embankment.

Roadway Closed for Hours After Tanker Truck Accident

California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers reported that the roadway was closed in the area as they awaited a wrecker to upright and remove the 40-foot tanker truck. The fuel in the tanker truck had to be offloaded in order to right it, and the roadway remained closed for hours while this was accomplished. No gasoline spill was reported in the incident, and no other vehicles were involved. The driver wasn’t injured in the crash.

Compensation Following an Accident With a Big Rig

Anytime a passenger vehicle is involved in an accident with a tanker truck or other big rig, severe trauma or fatalities are apt to occur. However, proving what caused the collision is necessary in order for those injured parties or grieving families to recover compensation. At, our injury lawyers are experienced in doing just that.

Why Truck Accident Cases are Complicated

In a trucking accident, it isn’t just the driver who may be liable, unless he/she happens to be an independent operator. Many truck drivers work for big trucking companies, and in some cases, they are also liable for accident injuries. Additionally, defects in the truck or bad roadway conditions may involve a product liability or government entity claim. However, since the statute of limitations for a government claim expires in six months, getting started as soon as possible with the help of an injury lawyer can be a good idea. The injured party may seek compensation from any of those entities if it is shown that they bear at least part of the responsibility.

Insurance Companies and Trucking Accidents

Trucking companies tend to carry large insurance policies. They also usually settle out of court. After all, they don’t want the bad publicity of a civil court case and much higher awards are often granted by going that route. However, insurance companies want to keep as much of their money as possible, so they may try to place at least some of the blame on the injured passenger car driver, muddy the waters with regard to the trucker’s negligence and use other tactics meant to drive down the settlement amount.

Our injury lawyers have a great record of settling all types of trucking accidents, including those that involve a tanker truck, to obtain maximum compensation for our clients. We send out our investigators to collect the evidence needed to support your claim, determine who or what is liable for your injuries and compile the damages you can recover. In this way, you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries without worrying about your financial future.

Nevada City Personal Injury Lawyer

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