Taking Good Care of Your California Dog

Taking Good Care of Your California Dog









Taking Good Care of Your California Dog

Hi, I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento dog bite attorney. While most domestic dogs become loving companions once they’re adopted – some can unexpectedly bite if they’re sick, frightened or abused. Fortunately, most problems can be avoided if all pet owners simply provide their dogs with stable home environments.

Here’s a summary of tips offered online by the Humane Society and other websites for properly taking care of your dog. Remembering to follow these guidelines can help you build a long and happy relationship with your canine.

Caregiving Tips for Meeting Dogs’ Most Critical Needs

  1. Choose the type of dog best suited to your family and household. Instead of assuming any dog can fit into your world – always factor in your children’s ages and the presence of other pets. Also, once you do bring a new pet into your home – allow that dog time to slowly mix in with the others so he won’t feel threatened;
  2. Make sure your dog and other pets always wear proper I.D. tags. Immediately after adopting a dog, go to your neighborhood pet store and obtain a collar name tag and inscribe your name and phone number on it. Be sure the collar fits well and buy a good leash;
  3. Find a smart and friendly veterinarian with a good reputation. Obtain all required annual vaccinations for your dog and obey all local licensing and registration laws. If your vet is only open during restricted hours – make sure you obtain the name and phone number of the nearest 24/7 emergency care center for pets. Always have your dog micro-chipped so that if he wanders off, he can get home safely;
  4. Be sure your dog gets the right amount of exercise. Two or three short walks a day are best for most dogs and can help the two of you bond with each other. Always keep your dog on a leash when outside so that everyone can remain safe;
  5. Check out your vet’s fees for spaying or neutering. This practice not only helps cut down on unwanted pets in this world – it can enhance your dog’s health and longevity;
  6. Spend some quality time each day playing with your pet. Animals that are ignored can quickly become depressed and stop eating. Never just chain a dog up and leave him outside. Pets deserve our love and time;
  7. Treat your dog with love and respect. While it’s necessary to teach your dog to obey your commands – you must interact in a loving manner. Never strike a dog. If your pet keeps misbehaving, spend a bit of money on some training;
  8. Be ready to buy your pet good dry food, proper flea and heartworm meds, and all other necessities your vet recommends. Avoid sharing human food with your pet and never feed chocolate to a dog;
  9. Make proper arrangements for your pet’s care when you must go out of town. Some pets may suddenly stop eating if you fail to introduce them to the shelter or person who will be taking care of them before you leave town. Never leave a dog outside when you’re going to be out of town – a dog house is never sufficient. Someone must regularly feed your pet and be sure it has adequate water and shelter;
  10. Never demand perfection from your dog. Warmth and kindness are important, along with careful guidance. Pets need to receive love so they can give it back to you.

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